No rest for the weary

We all returned to our respective home bases on Sundays and I would like to think that everyone fell flat on their faces and rested.  I got up as usual yesterday [Monday] at 0430 and went to the gym and then hit the office to prepare for another detail tomorrow [Wednesday].  While in the office we received a “Red Ball” from a client [foreign dignitary] that needs coverage as well starting on Wednesday.  I called one of the specialists [Doc] that worked with me last week to see if he would DL the traveler coming in town.  He responded, ” I am on it!”

Last night I called Tommy to check on him and go over a couple of things that I needed him to work on as well as speak to a few things from the past detail.  Even the mentor-ship was back in full swing yesterday.  During the call I was elated to hear him say, “I am ready to get back in it.”  I was concerned that the week he had may have caused him to re-evaluate himself or second guess a couple things but he was adamant that all of his fears or nervousness was left in the AO.  These 2 specialists are the example of what BPI looks for and who BPI keeps in its stable.

When I called one of the other specialists [Rokstar] yesterday he had already landed in Florida for his next assignment.  There is no rest for the weary and only a power nap here and there for the busiest specialists.  It is a never ending grind for many of us and fewer of them get used to it.  On top of the physical strain there is mental exhaustion that you also have to deal with.  Switching from one client to another, from one detail to another, changing and navigating through the varying client psychologies and nuances takes a sharp mind.  Each principal has his/her own likes and dislikes, needs and desires and being able to switch it on and off from one to the next is mental cross-fit.  This takes some time and experience.  The stress and strain permeates from the specialists on the ground back to each and every person in the office.  Once a request comes in every piece of the “machine” goes to work.  Support staff is always at the ready to switch and adjust to the men/women on the ground at a drop of a dime.  In essence EVERYONE is tired.

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  1. Simon Philibert

    Can sound “cliché” but when you do what you want/love, you feel like you’re NOT working at all and that, even if you’re doing one of the most physically/mentally demanding job ever. Long hours, always in your bags, far from family, etc. Not easy but totally worth it.

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