Ordering your steps to get over the hump

I pay very close attention to what you write, what you post and what you’ve been saying. There are so many disenchanted specialists and service providers in this industry that are floundering in their careers and their quest for some taste of success. Over the last couple weeks I have been posting several quotes as well as blogging topics about this specific topic. What you didn’t know up until now is that I have been working on a series of topics that I will deliver either in webinar or seminar formats. The series will span from the person(s) interested in the industry to the specialist that can’t get his/her steps ordered in the right direction, all the way to the business owner who is struggling to find and maintain client relationships.

Regardless of the format that I deliver these topics it will not be for the weak at heart or the thin skinned personality. My intent is not to turn you away from the industry but to OPEN your eyes to the butt naked facts of the C.R.A.F.T. and her unforgiving personality. If you are the type of person that is looking for some short-cuts and work arounds in the industry, you need not attend nor register. BUT if you are ready to dig in, put the work in and grind – I have your answers. This program will be a “Mastering the C.R.A.F.T.” series and not an EP Course but I will talk about its importance and the importance of that one person I harp about all the time – The Mentor. I will talk about the 2PSquared formula that I wrote that focuses directly on a proven process to success. You look at any successful leader or expert in this industry and I can show you how they followed this program, yet no one recognized that there was a formula or process. I looked at each person that I considered as a leader and expert and closely looked at their path to success and they all had these 4 steps in common. I put the formula together and submitted it to the Library of congress to be copywrited. When most of you are arguing ballistics I am trying to change the minds of the people in this industry. Before you even ask, the answer is yes, I will be talking about the ABCDEP national certification and how it will effect you NOW and later. There are many other topics I will touch on and will soon push out an email campaign to those interested in attending.

I plan to launch this Program very soon. In the meantime if you have a group, company in your local area that is interested in a private session contact me via email: ekonohia@bpigroupusa.com so that we can work out the plans. It is time to wake up and decide if you want to continue treading water or move in the right direction.

When others are doing seminars to lead you to their course. This is aimed to lead you in the right course of action.

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