Peeling back the layers of the EP industry

There are many references about layers, whether we are referring to concentric circles in security, or Cohen and Felson’s theory on concentric circles regarding social disorganization or peeling back the spoiled layers of an onion to get to the best part of the onion.  Our industry has become several layers that separate the outter layer from the core of the industry.

Our core consists of the structural foundation of the industry.  It is basis of our foundation.  Daily the industry onion gets bigger and bigger making the core further to get to.  As we grow, the outter layers [new specialists] are further separated from the best part of the onion-The core.  When a client goes shopping for the onion [industry] they are attracted to the huge size compared to the other onions in the aisle.  But in reality the size is relative to the outer layers and NOT the core.  It takes the shopper a much harder time to get to the core if they peel the layers back.  Even in the example of the onion, the core grows first and the layers add to the size of the onion.  That’s the EP industry today.  We are this huge Vidalia onion with many layers that separate the consumer from the life of the onion.  If the outer layers are spoiled you can peel back layers in order to get to the good part.  The problem is if the core is spoiled then the onion is spoiled.

What has happened in many cases is this, the core has been split.  Just as a person normally buys an onion and cuts it in half to better serve their purpose, and in doing so the onion is halved.  That is what has evolved in our industry-The core has been split in halves and even fourths.  The core has been separated for different uses.

As it relates to Cohen’s theory with inner city social disorganization, the closer you get to the inner circle, the higher the disorganization.  From my perspective this also applies.  Our inner circle has become so fragmented that there is social disorganization that is now trickling to the outer rings.  Many of the influential “Shot callers” have resorted to putting down the pen to encourage compliance and pushing the gun to make money.

One of the bright lights to the Protective Security Council was my brief time listening to Dave Johnson of ITG who is a member of the American Board for the certification of Dignitary and Executive Protection [ABCDEP] who is putting together the National Certification.  Larry Snow of SJC Web Design, LLC and The Business of Security interviewed Dave Johnson on his latest PODCAST.  I encourage you to listen to this interview to see where they are with this process.  I will give my perspective in tomorrows BPI Security Blog and weekly announcement.  Listen to the podcast and stay tuned for my view on this endeavor.

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