Perseverance and patience pay off for one Specialist

So on Tuesday while I was in my compliance agent in-service class the emails continue to fly in, however whenever I am out of pocket our system is set up that Mark fields all client requests.  So par for the course we had a RED BALL come in from one of our longstanding Fortune 1 clients for an immediate response and staffing.  When I concluded my training I was called by Mark to update me on the status and said that he was aware of the new specialist in the local area of the need, that I had been speaking highly of.  Although I had not used him yet, there was another ramp up that I had called him on that had fizzled out on one previous occasion.

The client POC was out of the office in order for us to get the regular paper trail with the official request so Mark had to put the information together with the POC on the road.  I called the local specialist and asked wass he ready to enter the BPI realm.  Without hesistation he said, “I will be.”  That was music to my ears.  I informed Mark to prepare the upbrief and forward to him and I got out of the way.  Later that evening I called the specialist to see if he had any specific questions about his rules of engagement [ROE’s].  He had read the brief and was good to go.

He arrived 30 minutes prior to his expected time and texted me that the number for the OTGPOC [on the ground point of contact] was not a working number [yellow flag pops up].  I then looked at the upbrief and compared the number Mark had tranmistted with the number that the corporate POC had sent via email.  I confirmed that it was.  The specialist attempted a second call that went through however the voice that answered announced a different last name than the one that we all had.  The specialist maintained his position at the front door awaiting their arrival.  When the OTGPOC arrived she apologized and said that she had just married and forgot to change her answering machine [yellow flag retracted].  The specialist attended the morning briefing, put together his crisis management plans, briefed the key playersand began his day without incident.  Last night about 2000 wee spoke and went over administrative procedures at thet end of the detail.

He and I have spoken on a regular basis for about 3 months now and unlike many specialists in this industry that pop in, drop a resume off, and move on hoping for a call to duty, this specialist nurtured his relationship with me to the point I had no doubt that yesterday would eventually come.  I monitiHis tenacity towards the industry has him on the “long-term full time” detail status.  What he did to get to where he is today is exactly how it is supposed to be done.  GOOD JOB Sir.


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  1. Yann A.Mouret,CPP

    Good to see a (apparently) decent guy managing his entrance in our world that way. Thanks Eric for giving him a chance to prove himself. Keep up the good work. Regards from the sandpit at the moment.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Yann. This guy has actually been around for a year or so but in another network. We talked, I watched. We talked more and I watched more. It became apparent that he was a hidden jewel that we needed in our stable.

      Be safe over there

  2. Tracie

    Always good to see a specialist earn the right to be apart of the BPI Team 🙂 Good Job

    1. Eric Konohia

      Yes it is. Thanks for commenting Tracie.

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