Pre-detail meeting and Mindset

When you have complex details that involve multiple specialists, multiple movements and phase lines it takes a lot of coordination by everyone.  As a detail leader it is very important to gather the entire team and go over last minute details.  If there are any changes, this is the time to make adjustments with the entire team there.

What I do is verbally walk through the first day and make sure everyone is on point with their responsibilities and departure times.  Site specialists have a specific time to depart the hotel in order to get to the first location.  Then I go over all of the departure times for every aspect of the entire day.  This is important so that everyone’s internal clocks go off at the same time to do their specific duties.  When I give specific radio commands, the shift leader can then put the next phase in motion.  “Get the secured package up” puts in motion what is supposed to be done at that time.  If the principal tells me that we have an additional riding with us I will say, “We will be Oscar Mike +1” and so on.  If I know that there will be an issue with space because of the additional non security personnel, the specialist that has double duties as the tactical commander or liaison with the drivers will know that he/she has to make accommodations, and fast.  “We need the secured package +1 victor”.

All of this is known by all of the specialists prior to be assigned to the detail, but I go over it prior to the day of the event to reinforce the commands and procedures.  Repetition is very important in this industry.  In fact, 2 years ago I called all of the assigned specialists of the shift to meet me on a vacant lot to go over embus and outbus procedures.   We had time and I wanted to go over it.  Little things like this can NOT be taken for granted and if you do, it will show when you go hot.

You may think it is over the top but on a daily basis I do the “what if” game.  If this happens now, how would I respond.  I also go through CAT deployments in my head.  “Attack or contact right, left, front or rear” The CAT vehicle does something specific and the assault unit deploys a certain way.  I also go through breaches and room to room clearing in my head.  Closed door, open door, where am I in the stack etc.

The point here is this, as you prepare for the detail, constantly update your team.  The day before get your team together and go through the details of the detail.  Make sure everyone knows the battle flag [lapel pin] color of the next day.  Make sure everyone has their assigned comms and possibly do a pre-detail comm check.  0500 on the day of the event is too late to do comm adjustments and switching out radios.  At that time mots of our equipment is already in the command post.

As a detail leader, you have the most responsibility.  You HAVE to know everyone’s responsibility, phase lines and have the where with all to pre announce each phase line.  You are the brain trust of the entire detail well as the first line liaison with the principal to adjust for changes.  Everyone wants that front right seat, but it is the HOT seat.  When you announce, “Limo’s Up” it’s game on!!!!

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