Pre-detail work ups

Before any detail that we engage in I always send the specialist[s] an upbrief that equips them with all of the pertinent informtion that is needed for that detail.  This report reiterates everything that we have gone over on the phone.  In the report will be the address, point of contact [POC], pertinent telephone numbers, detail synopsis [Close in protection, residential protection, crisis management support, special event, threat to the workplace etc].  Each and every specialists completely knows what his/her responsibilities are as well as all administrative information needed [approved expenses etc].

For those details that require larger number of assets on the ground there are a series of reports to include site and leadership assignments.  For instance, the detail leader, shift leader and tactical commander are known well before we hit the ground.  Site specialists are assigned in advance as well day to day close in assignments.  On my details everyone gets in the fight.

One of the things I do in particular is do a pre-detail work up.  The only time this did not happen was in New Orleans and that was due to last minute changes by the client who had us on the ground with just enough time to get the protective advance work for the next 2 days completed and me meeting with the USSS advance and lead advance agents.  I do pre-detail work ups so that everyone is up to speed on things like in and out timing on arrivals and departures.  How I want specialists to deploy at times where I want the footprint to be lessened.  For example, if we are arriving at a location where I feel a large footprint will bring unnecessary attention to us, I may radio back to the shift leader and say, “Deploy 2 on arrival.”  The shift leader already knows why I’d request that and makes the decision in the follow vehicle who will deploy on the arrival and have the rest trail the formation to post up when we get to the final destination within the venue.  The pre-detail work up allows everyone to be on the same page at the same time.

The pre-detail work up also gets the ring rust out of specialists that have been doing more one man/woman details and by adding the additional 5 to 6 specialist will throw them off.  Another problem with working alone is that radio transmissions are like a foreign language when you are not used to a specific radio dialogue.

If you work larger details like I have described I suggest you try the pre-detail work up and see how much smoother your detail flows.

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