Predilection or Predisposition

Predilection: a tendency to think favorably of something in particular; partiality; preference

Predisposition: to give an inclination or tendency to beforehand; make susceptible

These two words have somewhat of a synonomous meaning at face value but there is one thing in particular that separates them. Being predisposed to something is an inclination Beforehand, whereas predilection is a tendancy to THINK favorably about something.

The industry today, in my view, has become a place where specialists of predilection have been drawn to by favorable thoughts as opposed to those who are predisposed to the main factor of willingness to sacrifice. Having a tendency to do things that appear to be exciting, on the edge and adrenalizing can draw the best of people, BUT that does not mean you have been predisposed to the craft. I am not trying to bring doom and despair on the first day of the New Year, but someone needs to be the intercessor of the industry and bring light to what is really going on. As I said in Friday’s Q & A video on BPI Security Youtube channel that this is not just a resting place to lay down your hat when you are in between professions or jobs. The numbers are scary from different levels. The first issue is that this puts our clients in jeopardy as well as the second, it puts the industry and the perceptions of the industry at harm.

Here’s an example, many of you can watch the military channel and see a slew of Special Operations documentaries, the BUDS Class series, the DevGru documentary of killing Bin Laden. You watch those shows becuase you have a predilection to that type of high speed and adrenaline dump. For a moment you feel a connection, then the bug hits you and inside you wanna be that what you see. But wait before you start going on the shopping spree, you know very well you are not predisposed to do any of that. Before those guys got to where they are, the numbers that did not make it is breathtaking. So calm down.

The difference here is that there is no separator that can articulate the predilection from the predisposition and such, here we are. So where do we go from here? The fact is that those who are predisposed to this craft can easily recognize those that are not. As hurtful as this may sound many, NOT ALL, who are struggling to make it in this industry have been shunned behind the veil of this industry amongst the predisposed few. You may be a good guy or good lady, but the word is out that you are not what it takes. These are harsh words however it is the truth.

Having a desire to do something does not mean you are predisposed to do it and do it well. Think of it this way, all high school athletes don’t make it on the collegiate level and few on the college level make the pro level. As well know just because you were a first round draft pick does it mean you will exceed with the best of the best. I surround myself with the best of the best in many areas, whether it’s Dr. Paul Viollis, Paul Howe’s group at CSAT, and Robert Dubois author of the upcoming book Powerful Peace that has impacted my outlook tremendously. There are many other that I don’t have room for to include Mark Fair and Brian Diggs. My point is if this topic has caused you to do some introspection start surrounding yourself with the predisposed and maybe you’ll see a glimmer of predisposition inside you that is there.

The appearance of glamour of this craft should not be the draw. There is nothing glamorous about possibly giving your life up for someone you don’t know. That’s not glamorous, that’s a sense of duty and a willingness to sacrifice. What you see from the outside is not what really goes on in the dark areas of this industry.

Ask yourself, are you called or did you do the calling.

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