Preparing for the inbound Tango – Sandy

If you reside along the eastern seaboard like I do, I pray that you and yours will be safe during the nest 24+ hours.  It is times like these that you can really see how our training comes into play with the proactive mindset.  The famous military saying, “2 is 1 and 1 is NONE” applies more than ever.  I am no longer amazed to see the untrained people rushing to the stores this morning to get prepared.  It’s too late for all that.  The shelves are dry and the streets are wet.  I am not a prepper and I respect what what they believe in, in premise.  Some may go over board but the prepared mindset is a sound one.

It is times like these that I laugh right back at my friends who think that I input too much information in my sons minds about emergency preparedness.  While you scurry for supplies, my kids are posted up ready for the next command from “Pineapple” aka The Corporate Beard.  It’s never too late to put a plan together but pre-planning is always better.  I heard someone say, “No plan survives first contact” and once heard Mike Tyson say, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit”.  My family know what they are supposed to do and panic is not one of them.  I’d rather them to have harnessed FEAR than any portion of being scared or afraid.

I am cutting this one short today so that I can pull a post rotation on the Castle [LOL].  Audit your go-bags and get ready.

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  1. Billy

    God be with you all!

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