Progress report- Let’s end the year with a BANG

We are about to go into the last quarter of the year and I want to give the industry a report card.  Since the beginning of the year I think that the overall social media enrollment gets a “B”.  We have increased memberships on a broader perspective.  The main forums are flowing with new members yet participation gets a “C”.  The main players are still the crux of the conversations and generate most of the input.  From an overall professional footprint on social media I think that we started off the year in a better place then decreased in the second quarter.  As we rounded the second half of the year it seemed to taper off.  All in all I give the industry a “B-” in social media professionalism.  The main point here is that we are not failing and from my perspective it has become much better than a year ago as well much more unified.

There is a clear and distinct blending of industry niches because it is clear that everyone is getting a better grasp of the different sides of protection.  There has been a clear decline in topics about, “I wanna work PSD.”  Thanks to operators like Frank Gallagher and Raffaele DiGiorgio giving their personal perspectives, I think the reality of PSD has become much clearer.  From an overall educational perspective I give the industry an “A”.  Each and every day nuggets of knowledge have been dropped that many do not get a chance to learn in a single course.  In fact, I am comfortable in saying that specialists work their day around getting on many of the forums to get some free knowledge.  That is a good thing from anyone’s perspective.

I can honestly report that its seems to be a declne in these tell-all books but I cannot say what has attributed to the decline.  Yes, we had a couple this year along with a lawsuit here and there but compared to years in the past, there is a decline.  We should all applaud that and take credit for that.  Our social media presence has melded a community of professionals that would rarely come together and changed the minds and mindsets of those that felt there was nothing wrong in doing something like this.

Next week will be the start of the final quarter of the year.  What can we do to end it with a bang?  1:  Get involved, its ok to read and learn, but you’ll learn more through interaction.  2:  Those that do participate, be repsectful to others positions even if you disagree.  There is a proper way to get your point across without demeaning someone.  When you approach is derogatory you ruin your reputation, not the person you are attacking. Finally 3: Get others involved in the process.  The more people we interact with the better we effect the industry.  Leave no specialist behind to learn on their own.  There is way more gained together than individual pockets of specialists trying to figure it out by themselves.

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  1. Billy

    Nice article, the last paragraph is very well put. I aspire to someday accumulate enough knowledge to share it like you do! Thanks.

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