Project Protect Liberia

Before I get started on this blog I want to apologize to my mentor Paul Viollis, Ph.D of Risk Control Strategies for forgetting to post his book as one of the “must reads” from yesterday’s blog.  I inadvertently forgot to add him in the blog even though I had it written on my notes.  Paul’s book, “Silent Safety” is a definite keeper in the whole scheme of what we do.  Paul and his partner Doug Kane break down the hurdles we face with clients, not because they don’t want to invest in security, but mostly because they don’t know that they need it and why?  The book will particularly help business owners in their approach when dealing with clients.

Today’s blog is a plea for help.  In my trips back and forth to Liberia, Africa I have become somewhat of a surrogate brother to the Special Security Service of the President of Liberia.  This team of Liberian nationals are an extremely hard working group, yet there is a huge problem that they face.  They are a very poor group of proud servants who protect the most important woman in the continent of Africa.  Each time we traveled back to Liberia we would take new and used clothes and simple equipment that was gathering dust in our closets and giving them to the AIC and tactical commander of the unit.  On one trip I purchased 5 holsters for their Glocks and they acted like it was Christmas in April.  There is no store in Liberia or west Africa where they can purchase any of the items we easily buy and use.

So here is what I want to do.  I am asking all of my subscribers to the BPI Security Blog and YouTube channel, my twitter followers, my Facebook Fan page followers and Linkedin connections to look into your closets and pull out any gear, tactical equipment and tactical clothing that you aren’t using and donate them to our brothers and sisters in Liberia.  This past year’s election was very volatile and yet amidst threats and potential uprisings in the country, President Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson was re-elected.  I spoke to one of my friends on SSS who said that they were working longer hours than ever before yet they are still being paid less than what a part-time employee at McDonalds makes per year here at home.

This is a country that has survived 20+ years of civil war and unrest, yet President Johnson has made a legacy of being an iron leader and keeping the country together even if by patchwork.  She has raised awareness to women’s’ rights in a country where women were treated lower than second class citizens, yet during the civial war it was the women that kept the country going, hiding their husbands and sons from the massive killings under the Charles Taylor regime.

I realize this is an odd request but if you can find it in yourself to want to help, please let me know.  If you are willing to participate please email me at EKonohia@bpigroupusa.com.  Please put in the subject line Project Protect Liberia.  We are not going to send any monies because there is no place to purchase any of the equipment that they need and we readily throw away.

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