Protecting the Mentor

This company owner reached out to me this morning and asked if I was available to talk. Shortly thereafter he called. We spoke regarding my blog yesterday. I did not get his permission to use his name and company name in this blog, so I will leave it anonymous until he says that it is ok to do so. The conversation was extremely interesting because he expressed the other side of trying to help specialists in this industry. I could tell that he was very clear on his organizational model, which was a breath of fresh air because he had a plan right down to what percentages he dedicated to each portion of his business. I enjoyed hearing that because it is rare.

Let me first start by saying this, do NOT call, email or inquire for help from established professionals in this industry if you are not willing to make some level of committed investment. He spoke of someone that he was trying to help and in doing so, he instructed the individual to read a couple of books. That’s exactly what I do as well. After a couple months had transpired, the books had not been purchased nor read. Lack of committment means you are not serious about the endeavor. Understand this one important factor about company owners, and other professionals in this business. There is an important equation that we have to survive by: Time is money for us. Established owners and professionals have a keen sense of managing their time and efforts. We will not waste it on your lack of willingness.

In as much as my recent blogs have seemed to attack company owners, training schools et al, the real responsibility is on YOU. There is a financial and time investment in order to get any traction or mobility in this industry. You just need to invest wisely. I can respect his concern and apparent disdain in trying to help someone who wasn’t willing to invest in himself.

As I have said in the past, I am open to talking to everyone whether you agree with me or not. That’s how we learn from each other. In taking to people across the world I find that many of the same issues span the globe but I also get a chance to hear individual struggles.

Let me close with this: This is not a busche league industry and all BIG BOY and BIG GIRL rules apply here. You will not be spoon fed and we Di not have time for rearing children. For those of you that make it a career of complaining whining, you’ll find that the source of most of your issues are in the mirror. Each of us have been in the same seat you are in and put in varying levels of struggle to gain success.

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