Residential details and the need to know

When you have a full-time residential detail where there are specialists covering the home as well as the family members there is a need to know and a no need to know perspective that should be maintained.  I always recommend that the local police department is apprised of the security status of the residence.  I can not emphasize the importance of them knowing that there is an active detail at the residence.  Once it is known to them they will know that any calls to that home will be met by a security staff.  If the detail is armed, the responding officers will know that ahead of time to alleviate unnecessary confrontations with armed personnel.

If you are operating unlicensed, there will be a problem.  You should never be operating in any jurisdiction unlicensed however you risk the chance of being exposed when you notify the local police.  They are ALWAYS going to ask if you are armed for officer safety and the follow up will be questions about your license to carry and operate.  I am in NO WAY giving any advice on how to fly under the radar because you should never be working unlicensed.  For the individual specialist, it your responsibility to know if you are licensed to operate in that jurisdiction as well as the company you are working for.  Chasing down the money will find you in big problems.  Having a non resident CCW in XYZ state does NOT mean you have a license to WORK licensed.  The biggest culprit to this is the HR-218.  The HR-218 is NOT a license to work in every jurisdiction.

Neighbors are always nosey to us, but they are no different than you are in your neighborhood.  That being said, you have no responsibility to advise them what you are doing nor should you.  They will start waving at you to get comfortable and eventually come across the driveway once they have seen you for a period of time and start asking questions.  That’s why it is important that when you arrive and depart from the residence that you and the other specialists are not lingering in the open having conversations about the detail or events from the previous shift.  Gear should always be discreet and kept covered.  It doesn’t take a genius to put 2 & 2 together when they see guys coming and going every 12 hours with tactical back packs.  Out of sight, out of mind.  We can not be the loose end to the principal’s privacy.

For those principal’s that are notables [well known] and known to have security, you should still limit your interactions with neighbors.  I am a proponent of having the detail leader or company owner to periodically contact the watch commander of the local police station as a sign of respect and reaffirm your connection.  Don’t take this lightly.  It keeps your detail fresh on their mind and nothing schmoozes an officer, especially the command staff than a affirmation of respect.  It’s almsot like kissing the ring of the Don and it goes a long way.  Trust me on that.  When a neighbor calls about suspicious men hanging around the house, the watch commander will always know what they are referring to.  In the past we would get a call from the desk Sergeant asking if everything is ok because a neighbor has called about suspicious activity.  If they have not been previously advised of your presence there is no doubt that they are going to respond.  When they do, it will be all down hill from there because they will inquire as to why they had NOT been notified.

The need to know goes a long way to deconfliction and further issues.

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