Rise up to the occasion….the past is just that

The past!  We can go back and forth about who was the first person, company or group that started what we now know as executive protection  Most of us will probably agree that the term, “Bodyguard” became a household name to Americans as well as a badge of honor after the Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston movie.  The irony is that no one can put a finger on when this industry fell off the track, AND why the leaders at the time didn’t do anything to get us back on track.

What’s so ironic today is that the industry is saturated with so many experts and specialists whose resumes start off with, “Jack Highspeed has been in the industry for over 20+ years and has….” followed by all of the earth shattering experience.  I respect all of this except for one thing.  In 20 years why haven’t any of these guys stepped up to get us back on course.  Today, the frenzy is built upon status and who is or who are the real leaders of the industry.  Most are doing their own thing to qualify as still a voice to be heard and a book to be read.  If all today’s leaders and experts sat in one room and the topic, “What have you done to fix the industry.”  You’d probably only hear 3 people speak.  But, if the topic was, “What are your marketing strategies?” You would have to limit each persons time to speak.

Business success has taken over to the success of the business.  Making money means more than making sense.  Most of them can dissect an arrival and departure, yet they overlook the specialist with his Oakleys on inside the venue.  Oh, “He doesn’t want the adversary to know what he is looking at.”  Bologna!  You are enabling the behavior.  These guys have heard that you are an expert and leader so when you say nothing they don’t know this small detail is incorrect.

You teach EP and put your training videos on YouTube [yea I look at all of them] and while you’re teaching formations, students are looking in-board at you while they are practicing formations.  You say nothing and by doing so you are affirming a bad practice. But you are the expert, really?  Either of these example alone won’t screw the pooch, but multiple behavior gone unchecked result in a faulty specialist and it adds up.  The problem is when it goes un checked there is no immediate negative response for corrective behavior.  If you attend a protective driving coure there is an immediate response to incorrect behavior, car spins incorrectly, cone flips over etc.  Then the experts and VDI will step in and counsel you on where you went wrong in your technique. 

So here is what I am saying, I have a list of people that I view as Experts.  I have labeled them as “Expects” now.  For my own personal edification I am watching to see if they are living up to the “Expectations” of what this industry needs.  Those who don’t will start to populate my “Expats” list.  If you are uncomfortable now and squirming in your seat wondering if you are on the list or if I am referring to you, maybe I am and maybe I am not, but that should be a sign to yourself that you are not doing what you should be doing.  You just convicted yourself.  The others who are not uncomfortable either don’t view yourself as a leader or just don’t care.  You will fall on the “Export” list and eventually wash out anyway.

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