Seize “moments” to seize the day.

On the website of  last week’s The Business of Security Podcast by Larry Snow he talks and writes about Carpe Diem which literally means “Seize the Day”.  I want to expound on that phrase as Seize the Moments that make of the day.  There are several times during our day that moments occur and the sum total of those moments allow you to seize the day.  I believe that most specialists view Carpe Diem from an operational standpoint and seizing the day entails taking advantage of the moment you are working or the opportunity to do so in furtherance of getting that call again.

To me, it is those moments that, in their sum total, seizes the day.  What are those moments?  They are things that you can do in that hiatus period in between calls that continue to add value to you and your relevance as a total package.  Networking with peers, through social media is almost a must do in this industry today.  There are numerous groups on Facebook, LinkedIn as well as like minded individuals on Twitter that you can interact with on an hourly and daily basis.  I join groups regularly to spread my message and I am constantly looking at the interactions and comments.  In fact, I can honestly say that I have my eyes set on contacting a couple specialists based on their succinct and relevant comments on topics that take more than a surface comment to respond to.  In saying that, don’t be a cyber stalker on these pages-ENGAGE.  That’s how people get to know you and how you think.  Sometimes it takes a little nerve in order to jump in but sitting there and doing nothing is “slipping” in the moment.  You are allowing moments to slip away.  Conversations and topics usually last for a couple days and then the specialists move on to the next topic.  Stay current and stay relevant.  Another way to seize the moment is start a topic.  But here is the rub.  Don’t start a topic and not have a position even if your position changes after hearing others impart theirs.  I can honestly say that at the end of everyday I evaluate my social media presence.  That self evaluation often gives me the Carpe Diem feeling.  On those days that I feel that my social media presence was short, I feel that I have let the industry down.  And that’s REAL.  Other things you can do during the that hiatus is reading intel and reports that keep you current and abreast of attack sequences, terrorist and other groups that affect your client base or potential clients you may cover.

It is probably safe to say that there are company owners out there like me that get emails and calls everyday and the caller wants to speak to “The Man” and not his chief second, his executive assistant or some doppelganger.  If we speak to you, you have to seize that moment right then.  Our time is precious and there is rarely any spare.  So it is up to you to seize that opportunity to its fullest.  I have spoken of the importance of having a resume and bio ready to go, yet I get emails and calls all the time where I am told, “I have to update my resume and send it to you.”  You have just told me that you are not ready, you didn’t seize that moment with me, AND during that hiatus period you didn’t seize those moments to stay relelvant.

Continued personal contact with respected peers can uplift your knowledge base and relevance.  I have spoken to my peers and other specialists who have said, “I had a great conversation with so-and-so.”  You can hear the elevation in their outlook of the day.  When Mark calls me and said, “I just spoke to Paul [Howe], I know that he is on cloud nine and that whatever that conversation was about, he learned something and did not waste Paul’s time.  Moments seized like that keeps solidifying our relationship with him and CSAT.  In fact, about a month ago mark knew that Paul would be attending Shot Show.  So what did he do?  Bought a ticket and met with him and our other good friend [CSAT Instructor] to seize that moment.

Carpe Diem is not a new motivational idea but the phrase in and of itself is critical to the success you have or never experience in this industry.  I personally feel that there are other intangibles that can be accomplished to gain that Carpe Diem moment.

Don’t KILL time in an industry where seconds saves lives.

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