Shell game

I am going to stick to the same message tone from yesterday and remove the vale of secrecy within this industry.  This business is sadly divided between the “haves” and the “have nots”.  The haves are playing the shell game with the disenfranchised who are looking to break through in the craft.  They spin the shells and show you how easy it is to find the pea.  They do it a couple of times and allow you to win.  You bet the farm and suddenly you lose it all.

Within the last month I know of several specialists that have jumped off the EP boat in search of full time employment outside the industry.  Sold a bunch of dreams that never came through they have evacuated the hope they had and have moved on.  Their captains, leaders, and industry idols have not fulfilled their promises and basically led them astray.  Meanwhile back at security home base the “haves” are still coming up with other ways to lure unsuspecting victims into the other tricks and Tom Foolery-3 Card Monty.  The game has changed but the results are the same-bait and switch.

For those specialists that are able to tread water and stay in the game long enough there is another way that the “haves” keep them down by using them  to subsidize the industry.  Paying for a membership that give you a laminated ID, that has no more importance than a local library card, has no real importance in this industry.  Sure, you feel great that you are in some elite club, but what has that club done for you.  You still have to pay an expensive “reduced rate” conference fees.  You are still still feeding the beast and in doing subsidizing the industry.

The specialists that survive the fray are able to see through the mess and are able to make smart and wise decisions.  When a company makes a decision to purchase a copier for their office, the deciding factor is usually the service agreement that will tip the scales.  When you buy into this industry look for the unwritten service agreement before you invest.  Ask current and former students, employees and members how they were treated and what was the cost benefit of the investment.

Here is your task today, reach out to someone you admire in the industry and ask them to mentor you.  Put the leaders of this industry in position of responsible leadership.  There is no such thing as, “I don’t have time to do that.”  Before you make that call, you need to make sure that you are ready to put in the hard work.  Each of the guys and company owners that reached out to me I gave specific as well as suggestive things to do.  Each of them immediately moved on their task.  Today, one of them has secured a major client, the other was interviewed for a full-time long term detail and the other has implemented a branding campaign, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements within their company policies and other ways to increase his company’s service model.  That’s mentorship.

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    Interesting article…God speed.

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