Shopping wisely for the next High Threat platform

Since the EP market has started to shift for specialists to get trigger time in for high threat training, I want to drop a few ideas you may need to think about.  I love to shoot just like the next guy.  I have a full kit just like the next guy.  I stay on top of what schools are offering and weigh it against the REAL need and not a desire.

Oh yea, it’s cool to see guys window licking and racing down a crowded roadway while surgically looking at every inch of the terrain as it approaches and passes them by while cradling that long gun with a straight finger.  You watch those videos and then the adrenaline dump surges through your body like the A-Train.  Then you gravitate to the flashing lights on web pages, “High threat training”, “Non permissive environment training”, “PSD training”.  “There it is” [you say to yourself].  You compare pricing and logistics and then the trap is set.  You pull out your M-4 and and your TW25b lube and start getting ready.  That’s the normal cycle.

But what about this scenario?  Ask yourself, what other training do I need specifically for what I do that is not taught your EP class, or many of these “High threat” courses you are looking at.  I have already voiced my opinion about protective driving and good medical training and that I do not espouse to the belief that they are add-ons.  I also said that I foresee a time coming where the better companies will look for those 2 platforms on your resume before you get in their network.  Don’t brush that idea off, because it is coming. Here is the question; Who offers a course on how to properly gather Protective Intelligence and the ability to analyze it and put it in an presentable packet.  A packet that can be presented at a client briefing and another to be presented to the team?  That’s not cool training is it?  BUT I will go out on a limb and say that it is far more important than your weapon.  The second question is when was the last time you researched to attend one?

Lastly, are many of you aware that in a high threat non-permissive environment it is sometimes safer to “Run” slick”  Meaning non-descript sedans other than Level-IV armored vehicles with full kit?  It is done often.  Your profile blends in with the environment allowing you basically hide in plain site.  But here is my question; When you go to your next high threat course, are they teaching you this information or are you spending 7, 10, or 30 days jumping in and out of Suburbans.  Do they teach the Attack Cycle?  If all you are doing is running and gunning, jumping in and out of vehicles practicing strong-side and off side arrivals and departures you are not getting the necessary tools to be effective.

Here is something you can start with:


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