Smart wear for the winter months

Several months ago I touched on this but since the season is upon us I want to go over it again.  For those of us that live in areas where we have to deal with the winter and cold weather there is an addition to wardrobe.  We have to have top coats, gortex jackets etc as part of our ready wear.  Wearing a long wool coat is not an issue at all.  You get used to how to site in a vehicle without sitting on it in a way that it feels like its pulling your shoulders back. Lighter jackets can do the same if you don’t readjust them prior to getting in the vehicle.

There is nothing odd at all about wearing the coat outside while on post or with your principal.  The problem comes when you transition from the outside to the inside.  If you are scheduled to be inside for a long period of time, you have to get that coat off.  One, it’s going to be HOT.  Two, you will bring un-necessary attention to you and/or your team.  So the question is, do you have a plan to shed the coat while inside that will not hinder you process of leaving.  What you don’t want to do is have the principal ready to leave and then you say, “Sir we have to get our coats from coat check..

This is what I do.  If I know the itinerary has no outside events. I don’t wear a coat, but I put it in the trunk of the primary vehicle.  If there is follow car in the package I prefer to put it there.  If we are outside for a period of time and then have to transition indoors, we will wear the coats inside, however at the first opportunity I will have one specialist gather the coats and put them in the vehicle.  If, for some reason we have to make a subtle departure there is no issue because the cashmere is in the car already.  This is a chess game all the way down to the smallest detail on the detail.

No coats on yet clearly you can see from the vehicle that the temperature reflects cooler temperatures.


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