Some keys to success are kept close to the breast

You ask any successful businessman in any industry that is willing to help, mentor or coach another person and if he/she is willing to open up, they will tell you that there are some factors to their success that they keep to themselves.  The same goes with this industry.  There are countless broad based tips and suggestions that are shared daily through social media, emails, telephone calls and even blogs that give you direction but the secret sauce is kept close to the breast.  It has to be that way in many cases.  Days and nights of toil have gone into successful businesses in this industry.

Elijah Shaw peaks into the NABA sight and a regular basis and gives you just enough to say to yourself, “Hmmmm, how does he do that?”  Or you can call him and ask him operational tips about EP and if you have not attended his course, he may do what we all do and refer you to the enrollment page of his course.  This is not to stiff arm you, but it is a business for us and a 5 minute conversation without practical application will not help you at all. 

On many occasions I have mentioned when other specialists or company owners have called me about traveling overseas, specifically west Africa.  I would give them a list of  “to-do’s” and who to contact.  Although this entire process is a class in itself, the safety of a colleague would always take precedence.  I will always direct a person in the right direction but the specifics of a report that has to be written is the secret sauce.  In fact, I have been asked for a copy of my contract [service agreement], evergreen agreements, independent contract, non-disclosure and non-competes [non-solicitation] agreements.  I have shared that with very close colleagues but not with everyone.  My contracts and agreements have been tested and passed every client legal department scrutiny.  In fact, several years ago I had a client that tried to sever ties with me and hire my specialists directly.  When the non-solicitation agreement came into play he/she backed off.  Here is why, my contracts with clients have a non-solicitation clause in it to alleviate clients from hiring my specialists directly AND each specialist signs one of their own.  There, you have a secret that I use.

My point here is this most of us are open to philosophical conversations but when you start asking specifics please don’t get upset when the door gently closes.

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