Sometimes their “word” is not good enough

For many of the apprentice and journeymen specialist out there that are hungry and itching to work and find the path to successfulness in this industry I have repeatedly stated that you have to be weary of hitching your wagon to everything you see moving.  From even the most elementary levels of this industry you can vet and verify some basic information about a person or company that you may be interested in linking up with or joining a network.

State and local bodies that govern or oversee protection have websites that you can search by individual name or comapny.  The search will normally land you to a page that specifies what that person or entity is licensed to do as well as their license standing.  A company that is in “Good’ Standing does not necessarily mean that they are good for you.  It only means that their license, by state regulations and standards, is still valid and able to operate as such.  For you, this is just the first step to continuing the process of vetting them.  A suspended or revoked license definitely is a clear message to abort, however you can ask the individual or company what their status is on making that good.  As a side note the governing bodies are not perfect and they can make a mistake or slow in processing a problem that may have been fixed.  Just keep that in mind.

Also keep in mind that every company “name” is not a company legal to operate under that name and trading as names is merely the name that a company has chosent to be recognized as by their market space.  When you search the company by name it will usually tell you who it is owned  by, address and contact info.  There have been incidences in the past, in the Virginia area, where catfish have initiated work with an unsuspecting client under the company name of another owners company.  When the client called the real owner about issues with the billing he was confused by the call.  After further investigation on his part, he realized that 2 scoundrels had used his company name to engage in work with a client.  This is the ruthlessness that we deal with in this craft-at least on the east coast that is.

Keep your ears pinned back, and your eyes wide open and don’t be too quick to jump at every opportunity that presents itself.


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