Stop focusing on the video for a second…

Over the past couple of days we have been saturated by the media coverage of the 4 Marines urinating on 3 Afghan fighters. U.S. Officials have come out and condemned the actions as well as attempted to comfort the world that a full investigation would take place whereby all parties involved would be brought to justice. This blog is NOT about dissecting the actions, the validity of the video, the mens rea of all involved, nor the effect it will have on public opinion. What I am going to talk about is the possible immediate affect it “could” have on innocent people unrelated to the incident. This video will spark disgust with people from all races and religion, especially from those who will empathize and sympathize with our perceived occupation of the middle east. That’s the impetus of my blog.

From my perspective, and with no disrespect to any of the other elite branches of the military, it appears to me that there are more bumper stickers, window flags, trailer hitch covers that have the Marine insignia [Eagle, Globe and Anchor] proudly displayed than the other branches. The OOOORAH mentality is a proud stamp that every Marine I have ever met in my lifetime. The affiliation to me is almost as zealous as members of my illustrious fraternity. Proud affiliations are ingrained from the onset of boot-camp as well as the pledge process. The cliche, “What’s so hard to endure is so sweet to recall” is manifested whenever you see Marines meet each other for the first time or after seeing each other after an extended absence.

Here is the sitrep. Many of the aforementioned vehicles that I described with the insignia are often times driven by our loved ones that could be innocent victims of torment and possible retaliation. Don’t dismiss this possibility. I am not excluding the active duty Marine, or the Jar Head that has moved on to another career. Most of both groups still have an internal mechanism that is ready to defend themselves against any enemy foreign or abroad, however the innocent wives, girlfriends and children are not.

For all of the Marines, friends of Marines active duty and not, please warn them of the possible implications due to the current situation and the possible implications. If you prefer to laugh this off and say I am being silly, then you are not a proactive thinker. This blog was not meant for you but for those of us that seriously look at events and and their possible issues.

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    Right On! I Agree.

    And no offence taken I get the point and and I believe I know from what perpective You are viewng. Thankyou for the insight and the wakeup I enjoy your Blogs and site.

    Stay On The Cutting Edge Eric


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