Stop over booking yourself.

One of the most unprofessional things a specialist can do is agree to be at 2 places at the same time.  I haven’t experienced this much recently but it used to be a big problem in the past.  It is important that I tell you what it is so that you do not fall into the trap.  This is what happens;  I call you and say that I have a detail that spans from “X” date to “Y” date [let’s say it’s about a week long- Sunday to Saturday].  I ask if you are interested and are if you are available.  You reply, “Yes” yet you know that you have already committed to another service provider for a time during my detail span or  a portion thereof.  A couple factors come into play that cause many specialists in the past to conduct themselves this way.

My detail is longer and possibly pays more whereas the other detail that you already committed to is for a lesser amount of days, thus in the end you will make less money.  You tell me that you are available when you already know that you have COMMITTED to another security company.  You have caused a problem on 2 levels.

  1. YOU LIED to both of us.
  2. You’ve caused a void in the other provider,s list of specialists which causes them to have to search again for a qualified specialist
  3. In many cases you may have caused a chasm between to service providers.  Regardless of the fact that YOU were unethical, the other service provider will have a bad taste in his mouth for me and my company.  Why you ask?  Because most of the guys that have done this never tell the other service provider the truth that another detail came along that you will make more money on and you are NOT a man/woman of your word when you commit to something.

As I said before, this used to be a huge problem in the past and has caused many riffs in the industry.  This is a very small community coupled with the fact that many specialists enjoy bragging that they are on so-and-so’s detail [unless a NDA is in effect] and the word trickles across the community like virus.  Before long the other provider knows why you pulled out on him and now he’s pissed at you and me.

Be a man/woman of your word if you want to get off on the right foot and have any lasting power.

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