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Last night I was on a 2.5 hour business webinar when I heard the most enlightening concept that made sense to me. I have often wondered why it is so hard to get people to understand how this industry should be run. I am not referring to the paperclips and file cabinets, but specifically to the man/woman on the ground. Our image, although getting better has always been tarnished by the impression that is given from the ground up. Whether the person is a trained specialist or an untrained goon there is a trickle up effect that puts a dark cloud on all of us.

Strangely enough these incidences have less of an influence than the way I see other so-called trained specialist view the industry. The tainted view of how a person and the industry should be portrayed has evolved into the “them” and “Us” split in the industry. I want to talk about the “Them” category. In as much as I blog and don’t hold back my tongue there are a select few that just do not get it. Last night I heard a concept or metaphor that made absolute sense as to why it’s hard to get some people to change.

The concept is “Sh-t and Mortar”. As we grow and learn our mind/brain is open to learn. Each time we listen and learn it’s as if someone peels back our skull and fills it with information. Very often we zero in on a place where we are extremely open to learn. Depending on whether we are attached to the right people will determine what gets put in our brain. When we align ourselves with the wrong people and our skull is open they fill it up with sh-t. It dries and become concrete. They pass us along to the next person to learn from or we just choose to stay in that network and then the next person comes along and fills our head with more sh-t. It dries and then there’s a second layer. Over time there are layers and layers of sh-t built up and that’s the only thing we know: SH-T.

When that person finally comes across someone that can help them there are too many layers of sh-t to break through in order to put in some good information. This concept makes absolute sense in the abstract. I am going to keep this short so that you can think about it and ask yourself this: When you tried to correct someone in this industry or give another perspective and they came across arrogantly in one way or another now you know why. Especially if their final words are, “Look man, I know my SH-T!” Now you know why.

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  1. Josh Lee

    100% correct. I’ve had far too many dealings with numerous operators who can’t get out of their own way. We should NEVER stop learning from our mistakes, our peers, our mentors.

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