That stench is you decomposing

If you have ever smelled the horrible odor of a decomposing animal on the side of the road you know that it is hard to stay within a certain range without heaving up your last meal.  Your olfactory senses can not handle extended periods of this smell.  What do you do?  You walk, run or  drive away from the dead animal as fast as you can.  The animal is usually surrounded by flies, maggots and other pests and animals that expedite the decomposition for their own survival.

If you notice that you can not get on a detail or a call back from a provider, maybe your career in this industry can be in its decomposition phase and the stench is chasing everyone away.  Harsh analogy?  Maybe, but there is something going on and in many cases something you are not doing that has you as road kill.  Lets further look at the analogy of the road kill and dissect [bad play on words] how that happened.  Most animals are not TRAINED to look both ways before crossing. Something on the other side of the roadway has LURED them and they do not understand the dangers associated with the PATH they have chosen to further their journey.  Finally when they finally realize that danger is imminent it is too late to react and they are DONE.  The dead raccoon story could be you and here is why:

  1. Training:  I can never over emphasize the importance of proper, pertinent training.  Just because there are bells and whistles in the curriculum, does not mean that the training is pertinent to your career path and success.  You need to learn what is important so that you can cross the road that the raccoon was unsuccessful in doing or you’ll wind up hit with disappointment with this unforgiving industry.  Train in succession.  It makes no sense to attend an executive protection course and follow that up with a sniper course just because it looks and sounds cool.  When you have your training path/tract in order, keep training or in the case of the raccoon, keep moving.  One of the craziest things I see often is that when I request a bio from someone they say, “I’ll send it to you after I update it.”  After you complete a course take 5 minutes to update your bio.  Geesh, if there is one thing that will turn off someone is your OWN personal resume is stale.  Remember, the industry is saturated with specialists with just an EP course.  You have to continue to elevate and separate yourself from the rest with a smartly planned training path/tract.
  2. Lure: This may seem harsh but I will always cut to the chase when it comes to this craft.  Your decomposition in many cases is associated because you were LURED into the wrong network.  Guilt by association plays a huge factor in this industry.  People won’t come out and tell you but if you are a known associate of the Catfish network [bottom feeders] you will pick up the stench that is assigned to them.  Pick your associations wisely and do not be lured away from the correct path.  Stay your course until it is safe to cross.  The raccoon crossed at the wrong time and it cost him his life.  Waiting when it was safe to do so would have furthered his life or your career.  Finding yourself being lured in to what appears cool, is in many cases, what is a waste.
  3. Path: Staying on your side of the road or path is another way to avoid decompostion. I’d like to say that just because you successfully completed an executive protection course you are NOT, I repeat NOT ready to be window licking in the sand box running PSD missions.  Stop the madness.  While I am at it, I am going to throw up the next time I hear someone say, “I need some PSD on my resume to make my bio complete.”  What you need to make your bio complete is a brain housing unit that is working on all levels.  That is absurd!  The amount of time you spend preparing for your pipe dream mission overseas you are decomposing your EP career here.  The selection process for that mission is far more difficult than getting on a detail here.  Most companies have a cadre of guys they rotate through and your Johnny Come Lately behind is not what they are looking for.  For those guys that I worked with in corporate EP in the past and then they transitioned to the box to work, when they return that right rear seat of the follow vehicle is not automatically yours.  I have to re-evaluate specialists returning after I have seen how that high threat work erodes the gradient scale [see the Gradient scale report I published] in their ability to work a corporate client.

So take a real deep whif and if you notice the early signs of decomposition, look around.  If there is no one there but you, guess where the smell is coming from.  Let me rephrase that.  Take a real hard look at yourself.  If you have not been active working lately, check yourself.


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