That’s not what I trained for

When we attend our executive protection schools in just about all cases we train to be seated in and deploy from the front right seat as the detail leader or in the case of a solo specialist.  So what happens when you have a principal that insists that he/she sits in the front right seat OR those cases where he/she wants to ride with a colleague and wants you to follow in trace.   In the case of low threat this should not effect your ability to work around seat preference. You have to adjust your in and out timing but it can be done.  There are principals out there that cannot ride in the back seat because they suffer from car sickness.

What about those times when the principal brings someone along for the ride and he/she allows that additional person to sit in the right rear [pos #4] and he/she [principal] sits behind the driver [pos#3]?  Again, you have to make adjustments on your in and out timing as well as instruct the principal [if/when you can] to allow you time to get the door before they open it.  Depending on the situation and if you are using a trained protective driver you can, in some cases, allow the protective driver to work that left rear door.  That work around is best seen in a training environment in order to get an appreciation of how it can work.  Again, I would not do this with a hired untrained driver.

If the principal happens to ride with a colleague and you are asked to follow in his/her [principal’s] vehicle do not panic.  Handle the scenario as if you were working the shift leader position and deploy as such.  You cannot survive in this industry if you are unable to adapt and implement work arounds.

Now I am off to support No-Chow on a last minute detail that came in yesterday.

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