The 2012 PSC session has closed…

NOW WHAT!  Averting the crisis and current status is an “Everyone man their stations” job.  Avoidance will be met with stern attention.  I will address the Protective Security Council as a whole this week in a youtube weekly announcement embedded in the Monday blog.  In lieu of that, the question remains, “What do we do now?’  The conference was a conglomeration of names and brands of experts, leaders and companies that span well over 100+ years of experience.  We were amongst the leaders that are working extremely hard at standardization.  I was part of the conversation where I learned where we are with that and I imparted my position on it.

There is a specific flavor that permeated within in the conference- AVOIDANCE!  We tap danced around the main issues.  Everytime we came near an issue, it felt like someone dropped a flash bang in the room and everyone became stunned and dazed as if it was never spoken about.  I specifically asked a question, “This is all fine and good.  All of us in this room are speaking at the 30,000 foot level.  What are each of us going to do when we part ways from the PSC to fix the issue at the ground level?” CRICKETS!  We went right back to corporate CSO issues and their relationship with their CEO’s.  As soon as we broke from that session, I was approached by attendees that wanted to speak “off camera” about the question I posed.  STAND UP and take a position.

I had several up close and personal conversations with Frank Gallagher and Tony Scotti that brought me sanity amidst the insanity.  I am not alone on this.  There was a specific question asked to the panel of day 2.  The question centered around why are company owners still paying their specialists $300 a day, the same rate as it was 10 years ago?  Great question, however the panel was populated by corporate experts who have very little, if any “On the ground knowledge” [where the real struggle is].  I heard comments such as, it’s the economy [stupid], or corporations are saving money in this economic crisis and going towards the lower bids etc.  That is a pile of horse manure.  The real reason is this:  There are security company owners out there that are still billing clients at a higher than market value price and still paying specialists $300.  So how do they get away with that?

  1. The industry is over staurated with unlicensed pseudo specialists [Catfish network] that are so enamored about getting on a detail that they will work for free and these companies know where they are and how to fish for them.
  2. Company owners are paying the milli vanilli game with clients.  Instead of establishing a long lasting realtionship with a client and have steady work, they are banging clients upside their heads with over pricing in order to sustain themselves for the next client victim.  I call them “one hit wonders” or “drive-by’s”.
  3. All clients do not have savvy CSO’s who are current with market pricing and trends which make them vulnerable from the EP gangster drive-by.
  4. The last issue is when owners bid at an under market value of the service just to get the contract which translates at a lower pay out to the specialist on the street

NO ONE has worked for $300 a day for BPI in many years yet the industry is being filled everyday with more specialists who aren’t worth $300.  Stand by for Monday’s video blog.  I was encouraged by so many of the attendees that told me they are in full support of this message.

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