The benefits of elevating your networking and network.

Yesterday I received and exclusive email from a VETTED expert in this industry as well as on another offical capacity that invited me to a great opportunity to expand my skill-set and bio.  When I looked at the “To” line I was humbled by the names that mine was amongst.  This offer and the group that I was included with was a humbling moment for me.  On the other hand, my inner voice screamed, “It works!”  “IT” is the power and value of the “Network [noun]”. Truly this opportunity and what it will allow me and the others to do will increase the Net Worth aspect of my Network.

I am not going to spoil the opportunity until it is completed however when it is official I will let all of you know because you will be able to benefit from it as well.  I want to publicly thank THAT person for the opportunity and congratulate the others included in the offer.  Today I am off to take 2 specialists for an interview with the management staff of a client of mine for a full-time detail protecting this client and full-time employment with me.  This is their benefit of the network and mentoring principle.

Please read yesterday’s blog and forward the link to everyone you know in the industry that can benefit from the opportunity.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  Not only is this an opportunity to get an insider’s perspective, IT IS A NETWORKING opportunity if you do it correctly.

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