The BPI giveaway

A few months back I blogged about how much gear I have accumulated over the years in this industry.  As I looked over the tubs of photo vests, thigh rigs, Blackhawk this and Blackhawk that I have been thinking of a way to give some of it away to some aspiring specialist in need.  I already packaged 2 boxes for that Liberia project that I did several months back and eBay was definitely not an option for me.

For the last month or so I was trying to think about how to give some of it away but employ a learning process at the same time.  So this is what I have decided to do.  I am going to catalogue the items that I am going to give away and take photos of each item that will be up for release.  I will present the item on this blog with a task that has to be completed with a certain deadline.  For instance, I will submit a pic-

Giveaway: Blackhawk Commando chest rig [black] with pouches.  Submit 500 word essay on How to develop and maintain a client relationship.  All submission due by – “X” date.  The process in which to get these free items will entail some thinking and must be relevant to the industry.  If you have been reading and following the blogs you would already have an idea of what I do, but you way may work for you.  I have a couple other ideas that I will use as well like – using open source intel submit a country security assessment on “X: country.

All of the gear that I will be giving away is in excellent condition and is ready to use.  Rather than sell these items I am willing to give them away as a learning process.  If you are interested or know someone else that is, make sure you forward this blog over to them.  You must be  registered for the BPI blog in order to compete.

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