The echo of effective noise

Just this past week I received an article written by Frank G. Gallagher titled, “Leadership in Executive Protection“.  As I read the article I read almost all the things that I have been complaining about for over a year.  I am in no way saying that Frank had read any of my blogs, posts etc.  In fact, to validate what I have been writing it is almost better that he had not.  That way you can conclude that 2 separate individuals see the same issues with any collaboration.   To further vet our concerns, I have never met Frank Gallagher nor to my knowledge have we ever crossed paths.  But there is one thing for sure, we either think alike or he absolutely agrees to what I have been saying.

Sadly there are a “few” more good men/women who feel the same but fail to have the intestinal fortitude to step up.  With that in mind, I’d have to question whether they are leaders or just people in the way.  If more leaders [used loosely] stepped up we can make a difference one specialist at a time.  It takes 30 seconds to comment on any of the articles that I have written.  I receive more responses from aspiring Group-2 [Journeymen] than I do from the Leadership or self proclaimed leaders in the business.  I sensed that this article or something close to it was coming because after a I made few jugular slashing blogs, that were shared by Tony Scotti, Mr. Gallagher responded with an affirmative reaction.

For all I know he could have had this article stored away for an appointed time and saw that now was the time to strike the iron was the fire the was hot.  In doing so, he has reached a sector of professionals and specialists that are not within my reach.  That is GREAT.  The other thing is that if many of these same people have read my diatribes, they may have written me off as some guy from Hawaii just blowing hot air.  Be that as it may, if you respect what Frank has to say, which I suspect is the case, you have inevitably agreed with me-Like it or not.

So today I applaud Frank Gallagher for smacking the faces of the business owner, and specialists alike that have been asleep on post sucking the life out of this craft.  You continue to build marketing strategies, play the shell game and the bait and switch while we fix the mess you allow to continue.  Eventually we will get enough people to stand up and put  the craft FIRST.


  1. Frank Gallagher

    Thanks for the kind words. I actually wrote it in the winter of 2010. Glad there are a few like minded guys out there. I do apologize, but I just started following you a few weeks ago. There goes another conspiracy theory! Hopefully, the folks in the industry will see the light and improve the way they do the job.
    Frank Gallagher

    1. Eric Konohia

      I am glad that your comment can put to rest any conspiracy and predetermined thoughts that either one of us have conspired to write similarly.

      The context of your article is exactly what I have been complaining about and can only applaud additional efforts that run the same course.

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