The EP world is really a small world

So as usual I arrive on location for the PSC happy hour an hour early and I post up in a chair with a great vantage point of the front door of the hotel.

Within 30 minutes I see 2 familiar faces walk through the door- Tony Scotti, Larry Snow of SJC Web Design and Joe Autera of VDI. Following in trace were two guys that looked like they were working Tony and Larry. Tony, Larry and me exchanged peasantries followed by one of the other guys reaching his hand towards me. As soon as he said my name I immediately recognized his distinct voice. It was Frank Gallagher. Frank introduced me to his counterpart Matt and we started our walk through the hotel.

We walked, in what seemed like a big circle and finally happened upon the PSC registration office, where Mike Nossaman and his wife handed out our badges and packets. Shortly thereafter Mark Fair arrived and the chasm between north, south, east and west narrowed. As we started talking everyone realized that there were several names of specialists and operators that we all had worked with and those that should never have been working. Yea I said it. There are still guys out there that are portraying themselves as high speed low drag operators, through their self absorbed superman stories, when in fact they are introductory thunder cats. They have pictures of themselves caught in time, wearing all the operator regalia, yet if you look really closely you’ll see a bottle of windex and office supplies in their mag pouches.

Herein lies the problem. The industry is much smaller than many realize, and in saying that, the truth can never be quelled forever. Don’t get me wrong, the entire night wasn’t dedicated to SCABs. A few good names made the conversation.

What made me feel exceptionally well about what I have done over the last year is that I had people walk up to me that said that they read this blog. One gentleman flew in from Switzerland who also said that he does as well. That being said, I am going to turn the heat meter up.

In the future there will be readers that will be turned off by this blog however there is much work to be done and this conference has shown me that there are many out there, far and wide that agree with me.

I am writing a paper that not sure if I will publish as a blog or ezine titled, “The Genocide of the Executive Protection Specialist”. My reluctance to release it was reduced after 2 hours of rubbing elbows with professionals. Either get ready or get out the way because some feelings will be hurt. I swing a big bat every day if you feel you’ve been hit, them maybe your are somewhere you shouldn’t be.


  1. Carl Persons

    Swing the bat….the industry needs it.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Carl. I intend to do.

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