The fallacies of EP Training

We talk and talk and talk about Mindset and its importance in our CRAFT.  We also talk about the importance of solid training from a solid, proven cadre of individuals who have smelled EP, tasted EP and more importantly DONE EP.  Reading 20 executive protection books and the ability to talk about executive protection does NOT qualify anyone to teach executive protection.  All thing considered equal, there is one that that NO EP School can teach you – MINDSET.

The general use of the word Mindset conjures up some secret “Conscientia” that one obtains through his/her matriculation in the industry.  That is totally wrong.  Your mindset is a blend of your core beliefs, core values and personal experiences.  There is no special switch that suddenly turns on when you enter the industry.  If you were one to look for shortcuts [or cheat], these values and beliefs will follow you into the industry.  If you only think about yourself or have been a selfish person for the majority of your life, and EP school is NOT going to change that.  In fact, this is the worst choice for you of all occupations you could have chosen.

The Mindset of a specialist has to always start and end with – SERVITUDE.  If you cannot wrap yourself around that concept you will never understand the choices that others make in this industry.  Service is that sacred ingredient that bonds all beliefs and values in the Mindset of a specialist.  Willingness to do for others despite yourself is Service.  Fighting off the desire or lust to be somewhere else when there is no end in sight, no meal coming is Service. If you are one to complain that no one has relieved your post at the end of the hallway, Servitude has either left you or never was in you.

Many of the service providers and seasoned specialists in the industry can pick up on this fast.  Many trainers can see you during your training when you are forced to work with others and problem solve the final exercise or some training evolution.  In many cases snippets of your core beliefs and values will rear their ugly head during this time.  When you make excuses for your choices instead of listening to direction you are doing the classic mistake in Mindset – putting yourself ahead of the mission.

BPI Security Business Mindset: COMPANY/CLIENT/INDUSTRY


  1. Jason Miller

    I was recently assigned the position of security driver for an assignment. Honestly, it took me a minute to get over it cause I’ve always been in the midst of the action and what kind of action is a driver gonna get? How quickly this stinking thinking was reversed. Come to find out that the driver has just an intricate role to the team as does the agent doing halls and walls, or standing in a staircase for hours on end watching a door. Not one member of the team is any better than the next, just a different set of skills to match the assignment. Or you may be in the process of building trust and earning your stripes. Regardless, if you are assigned a position on a detail, not one is tedious, you do it to the best of your ability as you have trained and never become complacent. There is no room for error, or ego, just the proper teamwork mindset. Always ready to serve.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Despite the obvious training that goes into being a proficiently trained driver, I would opine that the driver, in many ways, is the most critiqued by the principal of all members of the detail. For that period of time that the principal is not navigating between handshakes and exchanging pleasantries, he/she sits in the right rear of the car and focuses on the ride. The driver has to constantly operate his responsibility in a way that dones not put the principal in danger and always ready to avoid danger if it presents itself. It is the rolling fortress of safety and if not operated correctly can raise an uncomfortable anxiety by the very person[s] we are contracted to protect.

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