The first thing is Advocacy

The true executive protection specialist, leader and/or expert is the person that our clients go to for recommendations and solutions.  We have to solve problems with recommendations and NOT opinions.  Opinions are “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.”

Secondly, we have to take out all unimportant and unrelated emotions out of the equations when formulating an answer to a problem.  Emotional responses to this tragedy seemingly evolves away from the tragedy and focuses on circumstances away from causation.  In my opinion the solution is addressing causation, addressing predictors and utilizing the concentric circle principle that get EVERYONE involved so that we can address and recognize the Threat well before moment of commitment.  There has to be a deputizing effect of everyone to get involved without fear of retribution by notification or an anonymous call.

a collective and collaborative plan must be put in place so that BEHAVIOR is addressed before it manifests itself in diabolical behavior.  We will meet resistance on many levels, but I don’t care.  Using that as a reason to sit back is not the answer.  I have spoken to a couple specialists who have said or commented that, “This will be a game changer for us.”  Really!  This is not a game, and it has never been.  I will be reaching out to certain experts in the industry that specialize in the TOOLS of our CRAFT as well others that specialize in the “exceptional case study”.  Already on board is a former USSS agent that crafted Virginia Tech’s program after the first shooting in 2007.

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