The hard decision on sending someone home

There may be times when the client, principal or family member may not get along with a member of your protection team. How do you handle it? Do you schedule him/her on shifts where they have no interaction? Do you wait until the situation gets out of hand and then react? The fact is that you have to do something.

I have been party to details where the principal has had an issue with specific specialists for whatever reason. I have been asked by principals to remove specialists from the detail without cause as well as remove one for an allegation that I am certain he did not do. The end result is you lose a valuable asset on the team as well having to deal with the pride and reputation of the specialist removed. Many times these specialists want you to go to bat for them with the client and ascertain the issue to keep them on the detail. That’s a tough call, because you are caught between keeping your asset on the team and directly questioning the decision of the client. The customer service golden rule, “The customer is always right” is partially correct for us. If a client, for whatever reason wants someone removed from a detail, to include me, I will oblige them. I will ask the reason however I won’t contradict their decision. I will never try to hide them in the detail to keep them on it. Rather I would impress upon them the importance of client relations and that the misunderstanding is no reflection on their reputation.

There was one incident where we maintained the access control and perimeter security for a very affluent principal and his estate manager found a new specialist asleep on post. He reported the incident to us and I immediately removed the specialist who has never worked for me again. No need to discuss with anyone.

Take some time to think about how you would handle this possible scenario and decide what your options are and how you would respond.

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