The incident. the mistake, the lesson #5

The Incident:

Several and I mean several years back we were providing our first special event crisis support coverage for a particular client [that we still have].  I used this opportunity to use a new specialist, who was a former Baltimore City street officer for this detail with me, Minister and Ice [Brian Diggs- President of Omega Investigations].  The former Baltimore City officer had been pressing Ice to get on a detail and get hos feet wet with us so that he could get steady work.

When we all arrived I set up posts and rotations.  Me and Minister worked the principal and Ice was roving and doing the push.  Once I had the principal in the room I went to the post where I had placed the Baltimore City officer and I observed that he had wandered off about 10 meters from the post.  He had specific post order and his post. at the time, was critical to access control into the corridor where the principal was.  His “street cop” mentality had kicked in and he started his roving patrol of the lobby and initiated a conversation with the chef.  His training and previous job required that he made contact with everyone on his patrol sector.  Standing at one post was not in his DNA.  I gently reminded him that he needed to STAY at his post and that the post was vital to our success.  We knew that PETA was going to protest and our protective intelligence equipped us with their tactics.  That post was VITAL.

About an hour later I checked back again- GONE.  I asked the chef if he had seen him and the chef replied, “I made him breakfast and he’s downstairs eating in the dining room.”  I had to get back to the principal because we were wide open due to the unmanned post.  I had Ice interrupt the disobedient former street cop and give him a stern speech.  The remainder of the detail went without a hitch to the principal but I left with a headache.

Several months passed and I wanted to give him a second shot to redeem himself.  We were all scheduled to arrive on station at a certain time for the detail briefing.  The former officer was not at the briefing.  You all know I am a stickler about time and he was failing miserably.  We called and no answer.  About 10 minutes after the detail had started I was roving the posts when I saw the former officer walking back of the house. I asked where he was going when he repiled, ” I have to get something to eat before I work.”

The Mistake:

After the first incident I should have realized that this guy was not cut out for this work.  He lacked discipline and attention to detail.  His previous career was the only training he knew and the transition to what we do was not in his fiber.  But yet, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and a second chance eventhough my gut told me otherwise.  WRONG

The Lesson:

I listen to my gut when it comes to specialists, other providers and even clients.  If it doesn’t look right, smell right or taste right- IT IS NOT RIGHT

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