The industry frustration is more rampant than I originally thought.

You can read on just about about every thread and post strand several experts chime in or speak out about actions, behavior and mindset of s few individuals who don’t want to put their time in to earn their stripes, credibility and most of all, respect.  In as much as administrators want to stray away from the few that come in and directly slaughter individuals with words like “a**hole”, there is plenty of room for those experts like Frank Gallagher and Raffaele Di Giorgio to voice sound and sage commentary in the way that they do.

One thing is for sure and it spans across the board for all leaders, experts and company owners. we all have put in our time, hard work and in many cases, BLOOD, sweat and tears to get where we are.  We have perfected our courses, protocols and lesson plans based on experience and lessons learned.  The best line that I heard was when said that he teaches from learning from the mistakes he has made – so that you don’t make them as well.  That is huge!!!!

Just yesterday, I received a very long detailed email from a respected specialist and leader who asked me to mentor him on the business end of the industry.  His email was loud and clear about the prevailing issues in the industry.  Most notably he spoke about the 5 day wonders who are posting their needs to staff their shell company.  This specialist is frustrated, as many of us are, by these fly-by-night, unlicensed individuals and companies that pop up weekly like a plague.  I sympathized with his disdain because I see it, feel it and have dealt with it here in one of my neighboring states that is a cesspool for these catfish [bottom feeders].  This specialist that is asking for guidance has performed protection at the highest levels and yet after returning back home from being injured by a VBIED, the same industry that he has risked his life is literally killing him.

This is the ugly part of our industry that won’t make a TV documentary, even if it is perfect for a reality show.  There are a few cast members that I can recommend to expose.  That is one reason I changed the BPI Security YouTube weekly announcements to “This week in protection.”  If your behavior is explicitly unethical and unprofessional I will make you a STAR.  To my colleagues and those specialists that are grinding to maintain the fidelity of this beloved craft of ours- I Salute your continued hard work.  For the rest of you, get with the program or get left behind and possibly called out.  I do NOT have a problem with exposing explicit unethical and unprofessional behavior.  In the past it was done here, but from this week forward it will be on the YouTube channel.

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  1. Josh

    Great post. These fly-by-night companies and specialists are really hurting the industry. Linkedin has become the new breeding ground for this kind of behavior. Weekly I am seeing some “new” company popping up, offering their expertise and top-notch services, only to learn that most of them aren’t licensed or have the bonifides to provide what they offer.

    Excellent stuff as always Eric!

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