The industry is primed and ready

There is a curious shift going on within the industry, at least from the social media perspective.  Over the last month or so I have joined more LinkedIn groups as well as industry related Facebook groups.  In the past I was encouraged to peak in and see the dialogue.  Par for the course the dialogues were basically back and forth sword fighting amongst specialists and aspiring specialists proving themselves more worthy and experienced than the next.

Over the last 2 weeks I decided to jump in to test the waters with my own style of provocation.  To my surprise the dialogue remained cordial and educational.  Shortly thereafter guys like Tony Scotti, Frank Gallagher jumped in from time to time.  Then guys like Darryl Biggs would impart his knowledge and experience in the fray.  I noticed that specialists that previously had very staunch positions on certain matters started acquiescing to the experts.  Topics started branching off on other topics and the new dialogue would take on a life of its own.  Over the last day it has almost been a meeting of the minds of sorts.  Comments on topics reached in the 60’s.  If you read them you will see specialists imparting their personal views on matters then followed up by a provoking response from an expert in the field to keep the conversation from coming off the tracks.

The reason I wrote this blog title is that it is quite apparent from my perspective that their learning cup is wide open to be filled.  The dangerous part is that unless we step up and step up soon it can be RE-filled with more poison.  Once sipped we’ll lose them again. In as much as I have screamed about the mis-steps of the industry, I can report that there is a newness about it again.  Cliques, crews, groups and networks are co-mingling and exchanging ideas and beliefs.  The topics that I have written on regarding the lure and romanticism to go high speed can also be symbolic of specialist’s desire to learn and do more.

I am encouraging everyone to get in the dialogue [often disguised as a fray] look, read, pay attention and ask the question.  I would also ask that there is no room for the guys that come in periodically and treat people with disrespect- you will soon find yourself on the BPI SCAB alert.  To those leaders other than the aforementioned, I encourage you to engage.


  1. Six

    Well said. If all of the people on these blogs each just shared one pearl from their skill set, think about how educational the blogs or threads could be.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Dr. James,
      Over the last few days I can really appreciate your words of wisdom as you popped in those day long conversations and dropped your wisdom. The industry is truly changing.

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