The Industry’s highest degree of accomplishment

If you have been following my blogs in the past you are aware that I have divided the industry in groups: Journeymen, Apprentice, Expert/Leader.

I also stress the importance of mentor-ship in this industry.  In saying that I personally feel that the highest degree of accomplishment is when you can put your finger on something or someone that you have helped propel their career.  Better yet, the thought of being able to allow someone to see the industry in a better light that causes them to map their journey in a better way.  I look at other leaders in this industry who are quiet professionals and I occasionally run into the product of their work and I like what I see.

As I have criss-crossed over this globe and had the opportunity to break bread and chop it up with specialists I can clearly see that certain networks carry a certain swagger whereas others exude an unmitigated cockiness with no substance.  When I allow new specialists to work amongst my group, I emphasize that there has to be a re-tooling of sorts in order to make the detail smooth.  It is never to say the way your learned is wrong, but to only stress that there are other ways to perform the same task.  In just about every occasion the ones that get it are products of someones mentoring.  They have been taught to be receptive of ideas, concepts and protocols.  You know them when you run across them because somewhere in their conversation you’ll hear, “I never thought of it that way.”

Let me give you an example.  When I first encountered Larry Snow, we met through social media and went through the preliminaries of who’s who.  Somewhere along the first or second conversation his relationship with Tony Scotti was revealed.  As we spoke from time to time I finally spoke to Tony [although I had known about him for years].  When I finally spoke to Tony in person I could see how his persona had been transferred into Larry’s.  This was further exemplified when we finally met at the 2012 Protective Security Council in Baltimore, Maryland.  Larry clearly has his own personality, but from a business sense, they were like maternal siblings.  The irony of this was that when it came to the social media aspect, Tony readily admitted that Larry was mentoring him and it shows from their website, design, blogs etc.  Under Tony Scotti’s network, Larry has transcended from a grocery bagger to a force in the industry with a niche all of his own.  The skill-sets that Larry already had coupled with linking up with an industry leader took him from the meat department to a niche social media expert.

The “each on teach one” concept is infectious as I have conversed with specialists like Benjamin Alozie, Mark James and others and it is clear that they have had mentors in their lives and continue to pass on the great knowledge.  As I navigate my own process through social media I have picked up mentors in other aspects as well.  It is a never ending process.  So as I have been working on other things to share and release I have realized that the categories list above: Journeyman, Apprentice, Expert/Leader was missing the highest level of accomplishment – THE MENTOR.


  1. Curtis Greene

    Mr. Konohia thank you for your continued input to the industry. Being fairly new to the industry you along with others offer a tremendous insight on what it takes to succeed. I’ve been lucky to have been given the opportunity to work details under close supervision. I can’t say it enough that in order to succeed you must be willing to listen and learn from industry leaders such as yourself.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thank you Curtis!!!!

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