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There are many books out there that are good reads.  We choose books to read for various reasons.  Some of us read specific books to learn from experts, we read for reference material, we have favorite authors and then wee read to vicariously put ourselves in the place and position of the characters.

Growing up I was not an avid reader yet when I found books that caught my attention I would eagerly purchase, borrow or get from the library.  When I immersed myself in this industry I never even thought of looking for any books about protection and never asked if any were out there.  It wasn’t until I became a company owner that I started looking around to see what people were saying and writing.  I will admit that it wasn’t until late in my profession that I grabbed Gavin de Becker’s book, “Just 2 Seconds“.  I read “Just 2 Seconds” in just 2 days.  It is well written, informative and even though it was written a few years ago, the way that de Becker breaks down the attack sequence and how we respond from a protection perspective coupled with the attacker’s mindset, still applies yesterday and today.  This book is a wise investment, an easy read and great reference material.  WARNING:  You will not learn executive protection from this book.  This book is written for the specialist that understands the craft.  If you are on the cusp of jumping in the industry, reading this book will help you understand and qualify what you will learn in the executive protection course.  His personal terminology like “point of commitment” and “point of recognition” are often re-phrased in other terms but it all means the same.  This a must read.

The next book I highly recommend is written by someone that I have a connection to.  This book is by MSG Paul R. Howe, US Army Retired.  The book is titled, “Leadership and Training for the Fight“.  This book is great for Mindset training and honing.  Paul takes his experience and relays the lessons he has learned to fortify your ability as a leader.  This book has nothing to do with protection but everything to do with assessing your circumstances and making the right decisions.  It also puts responsibilities on people in leadership positions.  In our industry it is the company owners and those of us that put specialists in lose-lose positions.  Paul is adamant in saying that even leaders need to train just as much as the man/woman on the ground.  To make a comparison on our level it can be equal to the company owner that dispatches specialists on a detail without providing the appropriate resources for them to succeed.  The reason is often because they have never been in that position on the ground before.  I could give many small examples that don’t even deal with any threat, but have everything to do with operational and administrative failures.

The last book I want to recommend is a book that was referred to me by a colleague Rich Roth of CTI Consulting.  The book is, “Social Boom” by Jeffrey Gitomer.  Rich originally asked if I had read the book because many of the techniques I was using mirrored what Gitomer espouses.  I immediately ordered the book while I was sitting in a client’s lobby preparing for a meeting.  The book is extremely well written and Gitomer gives examples of “how” yet more importantly he tells you “why” social media is the new “Cold call”.  The best part is that it is FREE. The only cost is time and the wise investment thereof.   This book will help any specialist proper him/herself into areas that an envelope and stamp could never do.  For the security company owner who is already using social media, Gitomer tell you how to fine tune your efforts to reap the benefits in reputation and profit.

I am never that self absorbed that I will not direct aspiring professionals to other areas that are not directly or indirectly associated with BPI Security in order to elevate their ability to operate professionally.  If it is out there and I believe in it I will endorse it.  As I stated on the BPI Security Youtube channel, there are 2 ways to make it on this blog by name: 1-if you are uplifting this industry and 2- if you are killing it.  All of these books will help everyone.


  1. richard

    Eric First Off Allow Me To Congratulate You On An Informative Site. You Are Right About Reading, Im Back In School And Guess What Ill Be Writing About! lol In My Experience (and humble) Oppinion We Have A Few Paths That We Are Going To Follow As Far As Gifts And Talents Go. So Im Very Much Intersted In Two Seconds,
    I Believe It Has A Lot To Do With The The Initial Contact Time Of A Confrontation, And Honing The “Fight” Of The Fight Or Flight Response All Of Us Encounter When Confrontted. Eric Id Like To Ask Your Professional
    Opinion. Does Everyone Posess The Ability (pshych) To Meet A Physical Challenge? My Answer Is No.
    Thnx Again Hommie Until Next Time
    Rikki V2PHOENIX
    Check Out Iron John

    1. Eric Konohia

      I just appreciate you reading the blogs and commenting. Your USMC experience is much welcomed

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