The New Year plan for me

Last week I made a couple of suggestions that everyone take a serious look at what you could do this year to improve yourself in this industry. That included me as well. One of the things that I got away from that I used to be meticulous about is going to the shooting range once a week. Eventhough I always go through my dry fire sequence everyday, I allowed other business related matters (mostly administrative) to push that priority to the back burner. Yes, even I have those moments when I say to myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or in the case of going to the range, “I’ll catch up next week.” Not this year, if you call me on Wednesdays between 1100-1300 hours est I will be at the range. If you are in the local area come and join me.

The other thing that I plan to do is further uplift this industry with educational and informative matters that will help all of us. For example, in January’s BPI Newsletter- The Call-Sign I addressed two pieces of very important documentation: The Non-Compete Agreement and the Non-Disclosure agreement. I will be pushing these protective measures all year long until everyone gets sick of hearing it. The way I see it is that we have to start protecting our industry from ourselves.

What area have you decided you want to improve on? I also want to take another protective driver course as well as visit Fred Matison’s camp at Force Options. I have a few more schools that I am looking at that I’d like to attend/watch to see how they are operating. I have already slotted out time for the boys down in Texas. Paul’s guys down there are like family to me and Mark now and it isn’t unusual to speak to them on a weekly basis. Mark is working on a course with them that should unfold real soon. Keep your eyes open on the training calendar at TheMTMS.The connections we have garnered from meeting Shane Steward has opened up a network that cannot be measured.

If you have not come up with anything you think you need improvement on then I need to talk to you because guys/girls like you are a dime a dozen and I need to surround myself around perfect people. The fact is this, when you get to the point where you think you know all you need to know and have learned all you need to learn, you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. You don’t have to share your shortcomings with people but we all have areas to work on. As I said earlier, I know I need to get to the range more. I also know I need to re-prioritize my weekly duties. In retrospect I know that some things just aren’t as important as staying current and sharp on my skills.

This is a call to rise above the “Average” and the mediocrity that can easily find a place in our lives. For those of you who are willing to share what you need to work on, please leave a comment. You never know how you comment can encourage someone else to do the same.

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  1. Fred Mastison

    Eric – I am flattered to make your list. I am also a fan and subscriber to your philosophy of being an eternal student. The skills in our trade are perishable and without constant work, we become soft. In the end this could cost someone their life. Like me, Eric, you understand the true nature of this game. This is why I hold you in such high regard. If you organize a training event with Paul or anywhere else – let me know. I would be honored to train with you. Until that time – be safe.
    -Fred Mastison
    Force Options Tactical Training Solutions

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