The Protective Intelligence book

When you do a thorough Threat/Risk vulnerability assessment of your principal or an event, the protective intelligence SHOULD be passed along to the members of the team.  If you can procure pictures of people of interest you should include this in the brief.  A better option on top of the brief is to distribute a protective intelligence [PI] book to the team especially if you have photos of persons of interest.  What that allows members to do is flip through the photos periodically for face recognition.  I never take for granted that if the person of interest is a notable.  You never want to assume that everyone on the detail knows what the person looks like.  Doing so is a mistake and too presumptive.

I have seen this book work in real time earlier this year as the PI Division of DSS caught a person in restricted space just from face recognition as a result of flipping through the PI book.  Next to the photo should be a brief description of the POI [person of interest] and a short synopsis of what the concern[s] is/are.  Specialists working access control can alert the team that someone in the book is trying to gain access as they are forced to be funneled in through the access point.  During access control you are afforded a short window where you can see each attendee one-on-one as they approach.  Once they are inside it is much harder to recognize or pick them out of the crowd unless they exhibit behavior that brings attention to themselves.

Depending on the client and principal this book is often updated where POI’s are added and others may be subtracted due to incarceration etc.  It should be noted that just because someone may have moved or lives outside the area where the principal may be visiting does not qualify as a reason to remove them from the book.  In that case the update may be in the information alongside the photo.  Cases where there may have been an issue with a termination of an employee can make the book depending on the protective intelligence that is gleaned during your TVA.  Also, there are many groups out there like anonymous that have their own logos or specific style of clothing they wear that can be added in the book for recognition purposes.  In those cases you may not be able to procure a pic of the protest organizer however a certain style of clothing can be a first warning sign from a protection standpoint.

The PI book is not used on all details but in those cases where your TVA and/or intel garnered through the client POC clearly lists persons of interest, you need to put the PI Book into play.

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