The Protective Security Council Conference

It officially starts tomorrow and I must say that I am excited about attending.  I have several one-on-one meetings with experts, leaders and specialists set up.  I have committed to a couple of “off-camera” meetings that are set up as well.  As you know by now I am tag teaming with Larry Snow of SJC Web Design, LLC on a session on Branding & Marketing.  Those attendees that come to this session will get the Eric Konohia that blogs, posts and tweets on a daily basis.  My approach will not be sugar coated with abstract ideas, but with the down and dirty philosophy and implementation that WORKS.

Let’s face it, there is a small percentage of experts, leaders and company owners  that really understand the concept and even a smaller proportion that do it effectively..  As the your traverse through the age differences I am comfortable in saying that many of the old schoolers have not transitioned to the new methodology even if they know it exists.  The younger population knows all the proper tools but do now use them properly.  Branding and marketing is overlooked in this industry by the majority yet the small percentage that does it and does it properly are household names.  What that does for their business is immeasurable.

The attendees that sit in this 2 hour block will have a new outlook on branding and marketing.  If you think about it, Larry Snow is the ONLY web design and IT expert that specifically deals with our industry.  His input focuses on what we do, how we do it and how you can expose yourself properly with the latest and modern tools.  If you are not beating his door down to gain that knowledge it makes no sense to me.  He and I have collaborated regularly over the last year and I have learned something new every time I speak to him.  I have made many changes and continue to work on others day to day.  Larry can work with the company owner as well as the individual specialist.  He makes himself readily available by phone as well as all of the social media outlets.

If you are not attending the conference you are going to miss out on some good networking, relationship building and great learning sessions.  From a industry perspective, you’ll miss the opportunity to see me swing the BPI Security Bat live.  I will be posting videos throughout the session so you’ll have to tune into the BPI social media networks.

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