The real time training ground

So you’ve gone to you EP school and you are itching to get on “THAT” detail. That detail that is real close in, that calls for an advance guy to work his site, put specialists on posts and brief the detail leader on every aspect of the site.

20120725-215148.jpgSo today was the first of a 5 day whirlwind that we took 3 guys that have limited to no experience in the full spectrum of what I am talking about. They’ve experience bits and pieces of this here and there but not to the capacity of this detail. The good thing is they are surrounded by 3 experienced guys to guide them along the way.

Today had 20+ movements not including a walk in the open while having the vehicles parallel us while we walked. All in all the 7man shift performed at maximum capacity with an early wake up for another long day.

Congrats to Tommy Smith call sign “Neckbone” for getting his feet wet.


  1. Josh

    The best training an agent will ever receive is real-world experience. If you don’t learn something from every detail you work, you are doing a dis-service to yourself.

  2. Simon Philibert

    Great.. Nothing like experience on the field to learn.. Congrats to Tommy & the other new guys. Great opportunity you’re giving them Eric.

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