The second clock

Your protectee’s itinerary for the day is full of movements from location to location and meeting after meeting. He/she may or may not have an assistant to keep them on schedule. To make this blog more interesting let’s assume he/she does have an assistant.

The average junior to low level specialist overlooks a vital aspect of professional duty and I dare say-professional responsibility that you SHOULD always keep in mind-The Second Clock.

An itinerary has the times that the principal is due to arrive, speak or meet. Rarely does the client put on there the time that the principal needs to leave from the current location in order to arrive at the next spot. That’s your job.

Remember, you know the routes, you’ve driven them at the times specific to the schedule and know the travel time of the primary route, secondary and any additional times if you need to utilize a break out point.

Here’s where you make your money. You inform the assistant what time you all need to LEAVE each location in order to arrive at the next on time. Inevitably assistants do not clock watch and if you want to show your worth you need to be an added value than just a lump of meat following a principal pretending to do the job of protection.

Now this is where experience comes in. You get a gauge on how engaged the principal is and based on that you give the first clock. “We need to leave in 15 minutes.”. Internally there is a panic mechanism that sets off in the assistant. He/ she has the responsibility now of tying up loose ends and prep the principal that it’s close to departure time.

I give them a 15-10 and 5 warning. That keeps the ball out of my corner and shows them I’m on point with everything that is going on.

Suggestion here, if you have the opportunity to brief all client parties about departure time windows prior to actually starting the detail, you can do so but keep that to a critical need basis. In essence, the receptionist at their office doesn’t need to know.

If given the same scenario and there is no assistant I will tell the principal that I will give him/her the same time sequence.

Another thing I will do is always tell them at the end of the day what time we need to leave on the following day in order to start on schedule on time.

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