The strategic membership-“Limo’s up” – “Let’s roll”

Yesterday I posted a tease on the NABA facebook page I am finalizing a very strategic membership that I will share with everyone soon. This will be a must “follow me here” if you want to really see what I share behind the veil with this C.R.A.F.T. It’s time to move from the average Status Quo and leave the “AS-IS” mentality. You’ll understand very soon!!!!”

I followed that post with this, “I posted this before but based on this strategic membership I am joining it is more appropriate now than ever before: “What’s worse than being blind is having site but no vision

Let me make some sense of this and encourage you to do the same. Before I even came into this industry I have always been the type of person to sit back, look, watch and listen before I respond. I am fortunate to have an uncanny ability to see an outcome before I venture into anything [vision]. For that reason I rarely, if ever, pull the trigger on anything until I am sure about it. This is one of those situations. I have never parsed my words about wasting money on the countless organizations, memberships and its certifications. If I thought it was a bad idea I said it and if it was a worthy cause, organization or certification I voiced that as well. Some of these organization’s overall purpose and intent may well suit some professionals but if they do NOT cater to this C.R.A.F.T. in any specific way it comes down to one thing; Am I joining just say that I belong or is there some greater good with my membership. I paid my dues to these such memberships and received their magazines but I never felt that our specialty was ever important or recognized appropriately. I am not knocking their “hustle” but I want to be around men and women of like attainment, goals and aspirations. I want to speak my specific language and feel that I am talking to the same professionals who understand. More important to me is that I want to help the journeymen, apprentice and collaborate with other leaders and experts in my field.

So this is what I did. Yesterday I joined the National North American Bodyguard Association as a corporate member. I researched, asked questions and got great feedback from those respected professionals that I trust and whose recommendations I value. Moreover, I personally [just me] felt like some of the information I wanted to share on the Facebook page needed to be on a closed network [so to say]. Facebook offers a great place to share thoughts and ideas but if you look at a full days timeline you may have 10+ topics spread across a single day’s activities or timeline. Forums are a much better way to keep this structured and orderly. If I want to read or share about advance work I go to a specific forum and don’t have to worry about sifting through guns and knives. If I want to read about guns and knives I’ll go to that specific forum. Make sense? It should. I can only imagine what Elijah had in mind when he came up with the idea but I see it clearly and call it VISION.

I have repeatedly stated that you have to invest in your career and I am not an exception to what I preach. I also believe in the premise that “membership should have its privileges.” To that end I will share more in-depth information, tutorials as well as member ONLY webinars with the permission of Elijah Shaw. This does not mean that I will disappear from the NABA Facebook page however if you want that “Secret Sauce” [Elijah’s term] you’ll have to follow me to the National site.

I am encouraging each of you to take a real good look and inventory of yourselves, what you really want from the industry and how you plan to excel and/accelerate in it. I’ll be checking in daily on the Facebook page to drop a morsel here and there, but if you want to be fed, you know where I’ll be – National North American Bodyguard Association

And yes, this is a full fledged endorsement

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