The unsung Protectors

I do an abundance of featuring the United States Secret Service in my blogs and social media posts. I do that for many reasons. First, I was encouraged to enter this CRAFT by the former sitting Director of the USSS, secondly, I was trained and employed by Chuck Vance, a former agent with the USSS who started Vance International. The upper echelon was run by former directors and deputy directors of the USSS. During that time I became good friends and colleagues with many for mer agents, to include J. Lawrence Cunningham who I have featured in a 2 part interview on this blog. During my career I have worked in conjunction with the Service and trained members of its elite Counter Assault Team. It suffices to say that if you checked the components of my industry DNA you would find USSS in the DNA chain.

Today I want to share with you two video of the Department of State Diplomatic Security Services. I have been very fortunate to work alongside these men and women on numerous occasions including one time where we were embedded inside the detail of a BPI client that was afforded a DSS escort package. The first video shows them training at their facility in WV. The second video shows inside the bubble of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security bubble. In the second video you get a glimpse of the Tactical Commander and AIC in action. If you notice in the transportation of the SECSTATE the DSS deals with things that the USSS does not when it comes to POTUS – TRAFFIC!

I am working on a series of articles for another magazine right now that will come out soon. More to follow when I am able to speak about it. Enjoy the videos. By the way, you should be saving these videos in your own library. The best way to do so is register for your own YouTube channel and set up your own folders. I’m not sure if you know this but Youtube is the second highest used search engine in the world.

Training video

Inside the bubble of the Secretary Hillary Clinton

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