The value of pictures in the protective advance

Whenever I personally do or assign a protective advance to be completed and there is sufficient time Ii will include pictures with additional drawing tools in it.  If you instruct or describe the arrival point to someone that has never been to a location, your success will be based on your grasp of the English language and your ability to give a good description.  If you can back that up with pictures, the image and your auditory description will stick in the team’s mind.  See example of part of a complete protective I did in 2007 HERE

I have also found that google earth satellite images adds supplemental reinforcement to what you have written advance.  WARNING- any of these computer generated images or smart phone images have to supplemental to what you have done and seen on the ground.  See example HERE of a page taken from a protective advance done in one day by a Specialist for the AOV premiere.  Although the directionals are done by pen instead of a graphics program, it still adds value to the specialists that arrived that evening.

The extra added value of placing pictures in a protective advance will surely push you to the top of any providers list as a thorough specialist.  This is one of the assignments I give to the specialists that I mentor.  If I teach them good habits from the beginning it becomes a standard in their quiver of deliverables

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