The worst of all BPI Security S.C.A.B’s- Craig Summers

This story may turn some stomachs and to others may leave them speechless. However 2 days ago I received a link from an @BPISecurity follower on twitter shedding light on, what I am calling the worst bodyguard to date in the anals of the SCAB program.

Let me introduce you to the former British Commando-Craig Summers, 52 who worked as a bodyguard for the BBC. Summers was accompanying journalist Ben Brown and his production team to cover the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia. It seems that on “January 7, 2005, 12 days after the tsunami, when he woke at dawn to find the body of a baby boy, aged between one and two, with matted black hair and closed eyes, lying on the doorstep.” The Mail Online story goes on to say that Summers felt he needed to destroy the body in order to save his crew from getting sick. He took it upon himself to pick up the dead child, place him on a rubbish pile, cover him with a piece of cardboard and bury him.

Genius Summers stated ‘I was working and this was the job I had to do. If they were still alive, I couldn’t give the parents that closure because there were no clues on the baby. I didn’t know how it got here but I felt sure it was orphaned and deliberately dumped. I couldn’t change its fate. I did what I had to do. There were no alternatives but to cremate the baby. It was the most humane thing to do before it became riddled with maggots and was left to rot in the street. I couldn’t put a sign up outside the house saying: “One ex-baby here – please knock.’’ If the parents hadn’t died, why would it be dumped?’

He justified his heroic actions by concluding that the parents had to have been deceased and that the baby was dumped at their doorsteps because someone had to have known it was a home occupied by the news. Really, and where in your background does it say that you are the decision maker of all things?

As you read this story the irony here is this, Summers had 2 others present swear to secrecy the events that took place ONLY to release the story in his tell all book, “My life on the Frontline” In the book he compares the baby as a blocked toilet. I am at a loss for words for this joker. There will be many who feel that Summers did the right thing. Please try to convice me. Otherwise commando, bodyguard or publisher- Craig Summers you are the latest and worst BPI Security SCAB


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  1. Raffaele

    I believe Archilochos stated “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” Mr. Summers is the glaring example of this prophecy becoming reality.

    There are those among every profession that self-designated them the title “professional” and it is exactly the times like this that their weaknesses present themselves by the light of day. Had he had the proper training and moral compass, he would have been well equipped for circumstances such as this.

    I do not agree with the statement that was present elsewhere, “He certainly does bring our profession into disrepute!”. I believe our profession rises above this, by bringing this out in the open and expressing that this type of behavior is neither the standard nor the accepted practice.

    By the profession standing up and policing our own, we set the standard, not him or those like him. We as a collective unit show that we carry our profession and our good names to a higher standard than this pretender.

    1. Eric Konohia

      You are a wise man. It’s a great thing to have another person who has operated at the highest levels of this industry and articulates in a way that educates the masses. Thank you brother.

  2. colin woolner

    I had the misfortune of seeing this total chancer work in Baghdad. While the rest of his team struggled to keep the BBC safe this ‘professional’ spent more time sucking up to the stars than doing any work. Unprofessional and a disgrace to our profession.

    1. Eric Konohia

      Thanks Colin it’s always good to hear first hand knowledge

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