Theory of [EP] Relativity

We all are familiar with Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which basically that objects will move slower and shorten in length from the point of view of an observer on Earth. Einstein also derived the famous equation, E = mc2, which reveals the equivalence of mass and energy.  I will openly admit that this theory has always been beyond my realm of understanding.  Regardless of how many times I went over it in high school and mandatory college courses it never stuck.

What I do know is how relativity works in this industry.  You are probably sick to the core of how many times I have mentioned staying relative with your clients increases your relationship as well as staying relative in the industry increases your worth in networks within the CRAFT.  The ability to stay abreast of current events and translate that information into actionable relative terms that could help a client is a great tool.  Many of you miss the mark on this because you can analyze a situation, give a clear prognosis but are unable to produce preventative solutions to your clients in a manner that helps them.

The term relative can also stipend your ability to get a new client or be on that go-to specialist.  Let’s say a potential corporate client listed an open position for an executive protection specialist. 10 specialists apply for the position and interview for that position and are scheduled for interviews.  I am very comfortable by saying that at the conclusion of the interview process the prospective client would not be able to make a clear distinction between any of the 10.  Why?  The inability to clearly make yourself stand out from the rest of the candidates.  To the client, it’s all relative [negative].  Are you able to separate yourself from the other 9, RELATIVE to his needs, or will give the standard EP spiel?  “I am a trained professional that fully understands executive protection.  I have covered many clients, and I can carry concealed in 43 states – blah, blah, blah.”  Would it more sense to make sure your interview focused on matters relative to his niche?  It’s not about you it’s about HIM .  Too often specialists over focus on who they [Specialist] are rather than how they, [Specialist] can help who they [client] are.  That’s Relativity!!!!

I had a meeting with a gentleman yesterday who was recommended to me by a valued operator.  The recommendation was made by a leader in this industry who, I knew did not take the referral lightly because he is fully aware of my standards.  When the gentleman and I met yesterday he focused on what he could bring to the table to augment me and my company.  The crux of his conversation was around how he could put BPI in a better position.  His local expertise added value to the company on many levels.  Kudos to Max for the referral and him [the gentleman] for understanding relativity.  What I offered him yesterday takes years for others to get.

I will end this blog with pointing the finger at myself.  The July 20, 2012 Aurora Colorado shooting where James Holmes cowardly killed 12 and injured 58 innocent people at the  Century movie theater.  As a standard I sent out an email blast to my email lists to address this and how everyone can prepare themselves for something like this.  News stations covered the massacre from sun up to sundown.  No matter how you carved this incident up, security was a part of the issue.  Not too long after the incident I watched Navy SEAL Brandon Webb [SOFREP.COM] dissect this incident from a security expert’s perspective.  Talking points like: Don’t make yourself an easy target, Active shooter scenario advice, CONCEALED CARRY, altering your lifestyle and Don’t be a victim.  Brandon knocked it out of the park but then I asked myself why isn’t anyone from THE INDUSTRY speaking to these points.  My answer was 2 part: SEALs are the flavor of the day and no of us are relative to the news community.  This is in NO WAY a knock against the Teams because I am a huge supporter.  Secondly, I am a follower of Brandon Webb and SOFREP.  I have read his book and he knows his stuff.  Brandon used the Theory of Relativity and benefited from it.  I applaud him and kicked myself in the ass.

So before you feel that I am pointing the finger at you all the time I am critical of myself when I miss the mark.  Lesson learned.

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