There are far too many EP experts amongst you to fail

I got a phone call yesterday from a company owner that I mentor.  A few months ago I assisted him in reshuffling his efforts in branding and marketing.  He has since landed some great clients.  A month or so ago he called about a client that he was courting from a country that is known for less than honorable behavior and even less credibility for handling monies.

Yesterday he called about an upcoming trip where he is scheduled to take said client to a country that has had a history of civil unrest and war.  We went through the cursory concerns to include having a conversation about the country risk report with the client.  The conversation was late and I did not want to gloss over the information with him.  This is a rather risky trip for them and I told him to call me today so that I can go through the numbers with him.  This will include using a vetted embedded team in the region that I will recommend.  Short of him asking me to accompany him on the trip I am committed to setting him up properly with all the right information to succeed.  There is no way he can succeed without the proper assistance.

I want to encourage all of the journeymen that read this blog to think about this.  You have worked several details and feel good about yourself.  You need to take an honest assessment of yourself and realize that many of you are not fully equipped to go at it alone.  Just as the company owner called me, you need to reach out to an expert or leader that you trust and get sound advice.  Many of us don’t want to put our hands in your cookie jar, but when you succeed WE all succeed.  You have to get past the feeling that by asking for help you appear less than qualified or less than capable.  You have to be open for sound advice to include, “You are not ready for this detail.”  I am comfortable that this owner can make this trip safely, because he trusts my recommendations.  But just liek all of us have encountered, he and you will have to be comfortable with the hard facts and the tough choices.

My advice to all of the journeymen, DO NOT try to go at it alone.  The code of the craft is paved with a rocky uphill road and you need a pathfinder.  If you are truly trying to evelvate to the expert level, you will not be able to do it on your own.  All of us have sought guidance at one time or another.   AS YOU WERE!


  1. Six

    Sound advice.

    1. Eric Konohia

      It seemed to be timely for sure and is getting a lot of intention on NABA

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