They have no idea what we need!

The other day I blogged about subbing 2 tiers under the relationship with the client and the issues you can have getting and receiving pertinent administrative, operational and logistical information and support.

20120724-083341.jpgBPI is a self sufficient operation, in that we have a travel and logistics branch that specializes in those matters specific to specialist’s needs and logistics. This branch has years of experience in making it happen with a seamless flow.

This detail we are on starting tomorrow entails 7 specialists flying in from across the nation and meeting in the AO (area of operations). In the last we have always done our own flights and this client has taken care of the lodging on the master bill. The initial plan was to land in the AO on Sunday however after the flights and lodging were completed by the client’s travel agency, the client changed the arrival date until today.

Call sign ice was in the AO a couple of days earlier on personal time and stopped by the RON (remain over night) on Saturday just to double check the reservations. When he did so he was advised by the desk clerk that our entire team was due in that day by 1830 or the reservations would be cancelled. He changed them to Tuesday because there was no client rep to be found.

Before I even go any further I forgot to say that when I reviewed by flight itinerary it had been entered incorrectly. Someone had used my middle name as my first name and my first name as my middle name. This would have never happened if we had been allowed to accomplish this on our own.

Travel agencies do not place an emphasis on logistics like we do. As you all know there is a science around planning flights, picking up rental cars and hotel placement etc.

Through years of experience this methodology becomes second nature whether travel in country or abroad. We set up specialist profiles so that every trip has specific preferences for each specialist. Some like window seats and others prefer aisles. For instance, whenever I am flying to a detail I want to be in an aisle. When I am flying home I like the window.

If you or your service provider is not doing the logistics make sure your double check everything because it’s on you if you can’t get checked in at the gate or the hotel.

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