They learn from the WHY

I am totally convinced that there is ONE main ingredient that MUSt be every course that is taught – THE WHY.  All courses focus on the HOW because it is the bread and butter of that course, but if you don’t explain the WHY you are setting your students up for robotic failure.  Let me explain something that everyone here loves to learn, how it is taught and why the “WHY” is just as important.  It does not matter whether you teach the diamond, slash or box formation to a group of students one of the things that is overlooked can be something as simple as going through doors and recovering back into your formation.  Is there a specific order who goes through the door after the advance/site specialist? Not really, but if you don’t teach them why it really is not important who goes through next you will wind up with the classic – “Rush to get in”.

While we are on formations, I realize that most specialists that work today do it either alone or one other person and sometimes 2 additional specialists.  If you only teach to work alone you can run into an issue later and here is WHY.  The solo specialist works [at least should] his/her principal in an orbit.  Sometimes they are behind the principal, sometimes in front, the left or the right.  When you add that second or third specialist and neither of them are used to working in conjunction with additional people it could be awkward.  This is WHY you should train up to that level so that they can always trim down when they need to.  In the event those additional specialists are added to the detail no one is on foreign ground.

Teaching HOW to do things by the numbers is no good if it is not followed by the “WHY”.

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